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Holland's pov

I been five hours in the hospital all in the name of my mom having most of the doctors getting me checked.

It's 9:30pm and I gotta bounce outta here, I need to find Kristen, my mom said she is leaving me here in the hospital till they are pretty sure am normal.

Well that's a good thing I could use that to my advantage. My mom kissed my hair and switched off the lights,  a nurse came in to put me on drip, I pretended to sleep and she left gently closing the door.

"That's right back off bitch" I said as I removed the drip, ow that hurt, now to get the hell outta here.

I opened the window in an attempt to jump out but then I found out I was 40 Meters high.

Great now am never getting outta here, I leaned by the window rocking back and forth trying to think but then I just flipped out.

I thought I was gonna crash and die and later end up on 1000 ways to die but instead I was floating, on air.

"This is the correct definition of weird" I said in surprise but hey I kinda like it.

I was still admiring the power when I fell bruising my knee.

"Great, I wonder how superman doesn't get hurt" I cussed, I sneaked out of the hospital building completely through the Bush behind it and when I was finally away from there I stopped "now to find those markings" I said.

Peter's pov

The search parties are scattered into the woods trying to help me find my daughter

If they don't then am gonna consider retiring and living life as someone destined to be lonely.

Everyone was searching with flashlights, looking for foot tracks or anything that might help us find her.

I kinda got caught up in searching for her and I lost my way, seriously?

I was trying to find my way when I bumped into someone with my back, we both turned and screamed.

"Ssshush" I told the person, "wait Holland?, what are you doing here?" I asked kinda confused. Am looking at this 17 year old with shorts, a dirty tank top and stained long jacket and am Like what the fuck are you looking for.

"I have clues to find Kristen,  we just have to find some markings" she explained, she's sounding like she's in a hurry.

"Markings?, this isn't some random movie" I blurted

"Am not crazy, I know what am saying,I have  been Here before but in my visions" she explained further this time demonstrating with her hands and I gotta say this, I still don't get it.

"Okay okay, so whats our next move" I asked

"Look for a foundation with a symbol on it" she said

"Okay that's a start" I said and started searching.

We continued walking and walking and we found two symbols, one on a foundation and one on a tree, am getting a hang of this

We were able to find five more symbols but it got to an extent we no longer saw symbols, we saw thick fresh blood, and yuck it smells.

Holland's pov

We finally got to where I ended my search on Kristen in my vision but no sign of her,

I looked around "Kristen, kristen" I yelled but instead by voice echoed and bats flew away

Geez do I really sound that bad

"We have looked everywhere but no sign of her, I just don...." he said and started sniffling.

"It's okay we will find her, I promise" I said and patted his back.

We were about to turn around and walk away while pondering on her failure

"Look again, but carefully, you have found her but you haven't seen her, look again" a voice said

I stopped and turned

"Holland" Peter called but I couldn't reply, it's like my  body is busy directing me

I saw a pile of dried leaves all in one position

I stretched my hands to start scattering the pile but it was like once I stretched my hand a wind blew from it causing all the leaves to scatter it self.

I saw a naked body all looking frozen , peter was starting to get uncomfortable,

I removed the remaining pile of leaves from the body's face and oh my God


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