The Watchful Eyes

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(Allison: age 7)

Today is my grandmother's funeral.


"Hey, i have to go, but thanks for the party!" said Grandma.

"Already?" asked my mom.

"Ya, scince Grandpa is in the hospital still from the heart attack, its been kinda tough and stressful. Plus i have work in the morning," she was saying.

"Okay," said my mom.

"Bye Grandma!" i said.

"Buh-by, sweetie," she said.

Then she walked out the door and got in her car. She started it and then drove out of the driveway.

In the morning my mom recieved a call. She started crying and my dad had to take the phone. Once it was over he hung up and said to me,"Grandma died last night."

*(end of flashback)*

After the service i stayed and put more flowers on my grandma's tumbstone and wandered around. A couple minutes later my mom called my name and i tried to find her but I was lost then finally i found my way out, but it felt as if something was following me. When i looked back nothing was there so i just forgot about


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