|Meeting Willow|

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"How much longer..?"  Ella sighed for a moment or so as a bored frown appeared on her face as she leaned her head gently against the car window, glancing out at the country side fields as the corn particles flew gracefully in the air. "What a beautiful view.." she smiled faintly as her mother looked back with a soft smile. "Don't worry love, not too far now.." she reassured as she looked back out of the window, fiddling with her locket as she continued to glance. About half an hour or so later, the exhausted family arrived at an old fashioned, western looking building as Ella's father gave off a pleased grin as they brought their luggage in and unpacked. Soon after Ella had finished unpacking, she decided to explore the house as she was told by her parents to make herself feel at home which is what she did. She ran to her room excitedly as a wave of energy took over her as she had the urge to run.Shutting the door behind her, Ella shouted in happiness as her eyes widened as she stared through the window. A field full of different sized,breeds and genders of horses roamed the field as they grazed. 

"Wow.. what beauty, I am starting to love this place already!" she squealed as she made her way to the stairs, sliding down the long oak banister quickly as she jumped off at the end. "Woah- steady their missy." a familiar voice warned as she opened her arms out kindly. "Grandmother!" Ella cheered as she jumped into her arms, smiling. "Hey woah- aren't you a little too old for me to be picking you up like this hm?" she chuckled as she placed her down gently. "Not at all." she smiled as she noticed her grandmother wearing a new western hat and mucky riding boots. "I see you have been out riding." Ella grinned as her grandmother took her by the hand and led her out of the door and up to the field's fence where Ella had seen the wondering horses. "There's something... or someone I want you to meet. She's a little shy so be gentle.." She said in a low calm voice as she made a strange but necessary clicking noise. A young golden coated palomino cocked up it's head as it swished it's tail, approaching the town calmly but cautiously. 

"Ella, this is a new rescue horse we had saved down near Bevy Hill, she had been trapped down at the streams where it appears the huge stones had injured her leg. She's been recovering and is better now but she lacks in trust which is a huge problem for us riders as we don't dare to saddle her up. She'd be a nightmare if she were to take advantage, especially of a vulnerable novice like yourself.." Grandmother sighed as she patted Ella on the shoulder as the palomino continued to keep her distance from the two as she was not ready to come too close. Ella tilted her head to the side as she looked into the horse's eyes, something about the horse had made her curious to find out what it was that made her so cautious. There appeared to be more than lack of trust, such as fear and cautiousness that Ella could tell was visible. "Have you tried riding her Grandma?" Ella asked curiously as she scratched her scalp lightly. "No dear..she's behind the stages of riding.. many experienced riders and horse whisperes have tried and failed every occasion so it looks like she isn't rideable for the moment.. not until her trust is gaint that's for sure." Her grandmother shrugged as Ella continued to stare. Many solutions and thoughts flew through her mind as she became eager to sort out what was really behind the fear of Willow.

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