Take Care (Johnny)

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"ACHOO!"  Another sneeze rattled your frail body.  You couldn't believe you had gotten sick now out of all times.  You had so much work to get done.  Being sick was just making your job harder for you.

You pulled the blankets closer around you, shivering even though it was summer.  Beads of cold sweat formed on your forehead, and you dabbed at them with a napkin every once in a while.  Your floor was littered with used tissues, and you looked so pale, that no whitewashed idol could compare.

Your phone rang, and you answered it with one hand while you kept typing with the other.  

"Hey, babe.  Whatcha up to?" Johnny's soothing voice filled your ears.

"I'm-" you paused to cough which caused you to sneeze which caused you to cough some more.  Your eyes watered uncontrollably and you had to keep sniffling since you had run out of tissues an hour ago.

"Whoa, are you okay?  Are you sick?" Johnny asked.  "You sound like you're dying."

You smiled weakly.  "I'm fine.  I just need to finish this report up for work and then make the powerpoint presentation.  If I get that done, I'll be great."

Johnny knew you.  And he knew that you were going to work yourself to death and ignore your condition.  He smiled.  "Alright, good luck."  He told Taeyong he needed to leave since you were really sick and quickly bought some groceries before heading over to your apartment.  He pulled out the extra apartment key you had given him and slipped inside.

Quietly, he set down the grocery bags in the kitchen and went to your room to check on you.  You had your headphones on and were typing at top speed.  You hadn't even noticed Johnny until he touched your hand, and you screamed.  But with your horrible cold, you sounded like a dying goat.  

"How did you take time off?  I thought you guys were busy practicing!  I'm not getting in the way of your practicing, am I?" you bombarded him with questions. 

"Shhh," he laughed at you, taking your laptop and papers away.  He fluffed up your pillow and helped you recline.  "Take a nap.  You've got a nasty fever.  Also, your nose is running.  You'd better go catch it!"

With that he giggled and closed the door to your room.  He cringed at his own joke.  "Maybe I need to stop hanging around NCT Dream," he thought aloud as he pulled up a recipe on his phone for porridge.  

Johnny never really cooked around the dorm.  The most he did was help other members chop vegetables or make Western breakfast every now and then.  That was just pancakes from a mix.  Nothing too complicated.  But porridge was just chopping and mixing and making sure nothing burnt.  

He carefully poured the porridge into a bowl and placed it on a tray before bringing it to your room.  You were still fast asleep, and Johnny smiled softly at your sleeping figure.

"Wake up.  Now you need to eat."  Johnny propped you up, letting you lean on him, and he fed you the porridge.

"Wow, this is actually pretty good," you reacted in surprise.

Johnny kissed your forehead.  "I'm glad you like it.  Wait here."  He handed you the tray of food, and went to get a wet cloth to help your fever calm down.  He continued nursing you back to health, even vouching to spend the night at your place to make sure you got better.

You couldn't believe how dedicated your boyfriend was to you and making sure you felt alright.  He turned off the lamp, snuggling under the covers with you.  

"ACHOOOOOO!" Johnny's sneeze shook the whole bed.

You switched on the lights, panicking.  "Johnny, you caught my cold!"

He smiled sheepishly.  "I don't mind catching anything as long as it's from you."


A/N: Thanks @Kay131313 for requesting this!  Johnny is another member who deserves more appreciation!  Let's show him lots of love <3

Question of the imagine: What's your favorite Johnny moment from all of NCT's videos?? I think mine is the iconic "OH DADDY!"  I still can't get over that hahaha!


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