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+zhi ruo pov

'LEFT RENJUN LEFT!' I screamed at him as we frantically weaved our way through the crowd as we cycled at full speed down the hill. 'NO THATS TOO FAR. RIGHT! JUST STOP NOW OR WE'RE GOING TO CRASH!'

'I can't stop you're sitting on the brakes!' He yelled back, his arms moving the handlebars in a zig zag motion.

I shuffled forward but nearly fell of so stayed where I was.

'RENJUN WE'RE GOING TO CRASH!' I screamed before covering my eyes as we headed straight for a wall.

'JUMP OFF!' He yelled before pushing me aside causing me to roll from the bike and him to go speeding on into the wall.

When I dusted myself off I ran over to where he lay under the bike in a heap.

'Renjun you idiot.' I helped him sit up.
'You're the idiot; you were sitting on the brakes.' He croaked, rubbing his head.

'Are you okay?' I pushed his fringe from his face and examined him for any signs of injury.

'Yeah I'm fine. I think we might need to get Miss Oh a new bike though...' we looked down at the broken bike and laughed.

I heaved the bike up and held out my hand for him to grab.

He put his hand in mine and I don't want to seem cliche but goddamn electric shocks went streaming through my blood.

I helped him up before turning my attention to the bike to ensure he wouldn't see my cheeks that were burning red.

'What.. wh.. umm.. what should we do.. with um.. um.. this?' I stuttered as I rested the bike against the wall we had crashed into.

'I think we should leave it here and start thinking of damn good excuses and sorry notes.' He scratched the back of his head, clearly not as affected by our hands intertwining as I was.

It was stupid of me to think that he ever would like me.

We stood in awkward silence, looking in pity at the bike. It looked expensive...

'Lets go.' Renjun nodded and I followed in the direction he was walking.

I walked behind him to hide my disappointment and slight sadness. Tears began to well up slightly in my eyes at how stupid I was.

Zhi Ruo you are so fucking stupid for ever thinking someone like him would like someone like you...

+renjun pov

I walked on to hide my reddening cheeks.

She looked really pretty but she looked like that everyday and she just looked pretty everyday and I sound so damn stupid.

Why did I think that she would ever like me?

I turned to look at her. She had her head bowed and I could see her eyes sparkling in the evening light.

Was she crying?

'Are you okay?' I tilted my head and began to walk backwards so that I could face her.

She sniffed and wiped her eyes.
'I'm fine thanks. Allergies.' She shrugged.

'You don't have any allergies.' I joined her at her side. 'You said so in that talk we had a few weeks back.' I laughed as she looked up at me with sad eyes.

'I need to work on lying..' she smiled shyly and sniffed once again before bowing her head.

'Now what's up?' I bent over and looked up at her. 'I don't want to see you cry.'

'I just realised how stupid I've been, that's all.' She laughed a little bit as a tear fell down her cheek.

I placed my thumb under her eye and wiped away another tear that threatened to fall.

'How have you been stupid? You're one of the smartest people I know!' I tried to cheer her up.

I have to admit; seeing other people cry made me cry and seeing her cry was awful so right now I was trying my upmost best to not cry in front of her.

'I've liked this guy for ages and I know there's no way that he'll ever like me back.' She threw her hands up and looked at me sadly.

My heart shattered a little hearing she liked someone because I like her and now I knew that she didn't like me back.

'Oh... how do you know? What's he like?'

Shut up Renjun you sound desperate and suspicious!

'He's really nice. He's a little taller than me and has really nice brown eyes and brown hair that I just want to run my fingers through and I know that sounds weird but he's so nice but I know that he'll never like me back because he's way too good for someone like me.' She sniffed as another tear fell down her cheek.

I wiped it away once again and stopped her in her tracks.

I was beginning to tear up now even though my body protested against it.

'Don't ever say you aren't good enough for anyone because you are one of the most beautiful and amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing Zhi Ruo. I know I look really stupid crying right now but I know how you feel about someone not liking you back.' I put my hands on her shoulders and looked at her in the eyes.

'You do?' She looked at me with sad eyes, her hands fidgeting with the sleeve of her jumper.

'Yeah. I like this girl except she really is too good for me. I've liked her for the past six months and I sound so fucking cliche but I'm crazy about her and I know that she doesn't like me back because she likes someone else and he's probably like a goddamn god or something but I'm not going to give up on her.'

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to calm myself.

Some passers by stared at us as they walked in by in their groups, couples or alone.

I ignored them and focused on her.

'Now please stop crying because one; I don't like seeing you upset because it's upsetting me and two; I'm kinda getting cold standing here and three; we need to start exploring this place before it gets too late, okay?' I wiped away one final tear of hers before smiling.

She nodded slightly and perked up.
'Thank you Renjun. You've made me feel a lot better.' She threw her arms around me as my heart nearly flew out of my chest. I didn't know what to do and remained frozen on the spot. 'You're kinda supposed to hug me back..' she whispered in my ear as I relaxed in her arms and hugged her back.

I don't know if it was because I was hugging her but I can say that was the best hug I've ever had in my life.

She pulled back from the hug and smiled at me before taking her hand in mine as we walked on.

Zhi Ruo I am hopelessly and helplessly in love with you and I just wish that you knew that.


+zhi ruo pov

Huang Renjun I like you more than a double scoop vanilla ice cream with sprinkles and I like that a lot.

And I just wish you knew it.

I'm so bad at updating oops.

I also need to update the 'rude' book sequel 'forgotten' because I've only written the prologue and I know there are people waiting for it which is a bit pressurising but knowing that people enjoyed the first haechan book means a lot..

Happy reading!

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