Part 4

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I tapped my fingers against the stone wall as I stared at nothing. I had begun eating again, and yes it made me feel better but I needed another plan
" whatcha thinking about? " Alice asked, I turned to her " oh you know, the usual. A master plan to escape my captors who are werewolf's "

Alice rolled her eyes, opened her mouth about to speak but stopped as the sound of doors echoed down through the cells. I sighed looking at the same man I had seen every day now " morning...Joel " I smiled, I had overheard his name in a conversation last night.

He glared down at me " shut up " and began opening the door, I watched the tray slid in front of me but froze as I heard a blood curling scream, Joel shot up and ran....I looked towards the open gate and slowly stood up

" Alex what are you doing, don't! " I ignored Alice and stepped out, the cell stretched further than I had thought. I noticed another girl being hauled inside by a man, Joel began helping him

I quickly got back into my cell and shut the door only slightly, I watched them pass me, holding onto a girl who was crying and screaming. As they passed me I pushed the door open slowly, making sure they hadn't noticed me...then I ran.

As I reached the open metal door I shut it behind me, locking it. I looked around me and noticed I was in a forest. I took a deep breath, the smell of fresh air feeling like heaven at the moment, I began hearing pounding on the door, snapping me out my thoughts and I began running

I can't believe it, I'm actually getting away! I stopped in my tracks as I saw two brown fur balls in front of me, growling and bearing their teeth
" okay, okay let's calm down " I chuckled as I began backing away

There was a sudden growl as the two wolves were tackled, their bodies slumped to the floor as a larger, midnight black wolf stood on top of them snapping its teeth. Oh god I'm gonna die.

The bigger wolf turned its head to me, it's blood red eyes piercing into me as it stalked towards me. It's body instantly began changing, the fur turned to skin, its face turning human...until a fully grown man stood in front of me

" mate "

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