36| Turner Falls.

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36| Turner Falls.

Annie was beyond furious. She had all this adrenaline storming through her veins as her mind clouded with every bad thing she could ever think about the Hemmings. The parents, obviously.

Luke thought it was better to stay silent and not to get in her way, which it was. Annie wasn't upset with him, not at all, she felt bed for him and wanted to make him better but she was still so furious at his god damned parents.

Dragging Luke to her room, she huffed and groaned as she kicked off her shoes, mumbling incoherently.

She tugged Luke's hand towards her, wrapping her arms around his neck as she pressed her lips on his, a lot more fast and hastily than what they're used to.

Surprised by her movements, Luke hesitated a moment before kissing back, unsure of what they were actually planning on doing.

He just wanted Annie to calm down and not get ahead of herself, he didn't want her to be angry or upset.

She lifted his shirt off, chucking it on the ground before moving his hands towards the hem of her shirt, helping him tug it off of her.

Pushing him back onto the bed, she straddled his waist and started to kiss down his neck and chest, leaving a hickey in her path.

"Mm, baby," Luke hummed, lips still connected to hers as he shuffled up, feeling her hands tangle in his hair and tug lightly. "Baby, stop."

Annie pulled back slightly, looking at him with furrowed eyebrows as she thought about what he said. Shaking her head, she continued kissing down his neck, rocking her hips on his as Luke had to bite his lip to stop a moan.

"Babe, stop, you're upset," he mumbled, stroking a hair behind her ear as he rubbed her sides with his other hand. "I don't want to do this when you're upset, or when we're both thinking about my parents..."

Annie let out a sigh, biting her lip hard as she stared at him sympathetic smile.

"I'm sorry," she rested her head on his, frowning as he pecked her lips again, fingers poking at the flesh of her sides. "I'm just- ugh."

"It's ok, I just don't want you to be upset princess." He answered, trying not to think too much about the fact that Annie was just in her bra and shorts on top of him. "We should be happy."

"We should be, yeah, but you're parents are dicks." She mumbled, hoping not to offend him but still itching with agitation towards the adults.

Luke's eyes widened, not because she called his parents dicks but because she said dicks. She's never sworn in front of him, she's never sworn in general, she said she didn't feel the need to. Realistically, it wasn't a swear word, not to Luke anyway, but it was the most un-sensory thing she's ever said.

"Language!" He joked, listening as a breathy laugh left her lips, her hair fanning across his face as she shook her head, rolling her eyes at her boyfriend.


4 hours into the two day trip, the couple and Ashton- who Luke invited along- had already become increasingly bored. Theirs only so many songs the radio can play and only so many conversations the three of them could have without their voices becoming sore and irritating to hear.

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