Chapter 1.

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She flicked open her eyes, but wasn't aware that she had until a few seconds later. It was pitch black, and she was shivering uncontrollably, also, she didn't know where she was.

The atmosphere bumped and spun around her, almost as if she was in the car.

The funny thing was, she very well could be. The last thing she remembered was being in the parking lot with Scut and Ella.

What were they doing again?

Oh yeah.

Eating ice cream.

Hers was blue.

No, wait, Scut's was blue.

She was eating vanilla.

She always eats vanilla, how could she have forgotten that?

It vaguely made her wonder what else she had forgotten.

Scut and Ella were brother and sister. Ella was six, and she... she... oh yeah! She had bright green eyes.

Ella had green eyes.

Her mind remained fixated on that thought for several minutes, then she focused on constructing Ella's face in her head.

The task worried her at first, because Ella's features came across as fuzzy.

She began with light, smooth skin, dotted with a thin sprinkle of freckles, barely there. Then she moved on to Ella's tiny, pale mouth, and slightly upturned nose. Her hair usually fell down her back in two, thick braids, except when she was dancing. Then it was in high pony tail.

Ella wore a worried look on her delicate features lately. A look which neither she, nor Scut could find reason for, despite several gentle questioning attempts on their part.

One satisfied with her depiction of Ella, she moved on to Scut.

She seemed to have less trouble with him, owing perhaps to the endless hours she had spent dreaming about him during happier times.

She remembered his tough, manly figure, with carved lines of muscle present, even when he was relaxed, which was most of the time. In fact, she had only seen him tense once, and he had abruptly turned into a mass pile of rock hard muscle, an image she didn't forget ever.

Or maybe it was the context she saw it in that caused the moment to be forever engraved in the darkest corners of her mind.


She wouldn't think that far.

Not now, not ever.

Scut's hair flopped around his face at unpredictable angles, a slightly lighter colour than his sister's. His eyes however, were of a pale greenish gray, almost blue, as if they couldn't decide which colour they wanted to be.

Scut once said he found this extremely annoying, but she couldn't help silently disagreeing with him.

If possible, he had skin even lighter than Ella's. It was by some wonder that you couldn't see clear through him.

His lips were a dark pink colour - almost red - like they were in the winter.

Okay, she could remember her friends. That was a starting point. But what about herself?

She could remember for sure she had long hair, a dark golden streaked with natural highlights that faded to a lighter shade at the end.

She reached up to touch it, only to find that her hands were bound. This inflicted a sort of panic as she squirmed, and realized her whole body was bound.


There was no use struggling.

She was stuck, in the dark, and was having issues remembering.

She couldn't move, she couldn't turn on any lights, but she could focus on trying to remember.

Her eyes were a dark grey. She was too thin for her age. How old was she again? Twelve? Thirteen? Fifteen? She couldn't remember.

And what about the date? Yesterday was Friday, she knew that for sure, because why else would they be eating ice cream other than Saturday?

It was also warm outside, which should have - by now - helped with her shivering, although it did nothing.

Yesterday was Friday, and its warm. June 23rd, that felt right, although she wasn't entirely certain.

What was her name?

Panic flooded over her again as the minutes trickled by and her own name didn't come to mind.

Her name! How could she have forgotten her name?

The minutes added to ten, and the ten turned to twenty, and still, she was trying to remember her name.

Already she was getting lightheaded and fighting to stay awake. She had to remember her name!

After ten more minutes of the internal struggle against the drug running through her veins, and her mind, she passed out.

Her last though?

My name is Endi.

Hello. Thanks for reading the first chapter. I began this story about four years ago, then stopped writing it, and now I'm going to try finishing it. The writing style - hopefully - matures a little further on, so if it's bad now, it should get more interesting. I'll also get around to editing eventually. Feel free to point out my mistakes.


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