30. Finding a Lead

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       September 15th

       Agent R. Harris and Agent A. Peterson discover lose ends in the mission with the help of Operative J. Lin from Alliance.

       30. Finding a Lead

       Date: September 15th

“You know, I keep picturing you with highlights,” says Jeffrey, scrutinizing my hair. “Like, blonde highlights. Have you ever had those?”

       I glance over at Alex. He smirks at me, knowing that I have in fact had highlights before, and I turn to narrow my eyes at Jeffrey. Jeffrey stands in front of us, leaning against a brown wooden table with his arms crossed over his chest.

       “Jeffrey, what do you want?” I ask tiredly. I don’t have time for Jeffrey to ask me about the history of my hair. Not when I should be in class, and then meeting with Natalia soon after.

       He stops looking at my hair and glares at me. “Okay, when is it my turn to ask the questions? Because the last time I was here, you guys left me tied to a chair. And knocked me out.”

       Alex lifts his hand to stroke his chin, as if he’s thinking deeply about what Jeffrey has just said. “Right, right . . .” he says softly. “So what do you want?”

       Jeffrey sends a sharp look Alex’s way, but shifts his eyes back to me. “I want to talk.”

       I want to ask why everyone wants to “talk” to me lately, but I decide I won’t get a legitimate answer. And even though I’m almost afraid to ask the question, I say, “About what?”

       “About the mission.”

       Alex stands from the couch and moves to be by my side. “Um, what mission?” he asks slowly.

       “You know what mission.”

       “No,” Alex says, “I don’t, actually.” He narrows his eyes. “Jeffrey, you’re not Operations. Why would we trust you?”

       Jeffrey tilts his head back and closes his eyes. “Because I’m Alliance.”

       I blink at him. “And?”

       “And . . . we’d make good allies?” he tries.

       I give him a blank stare.

       “Look,” he says seriously, opening his eyes, “we’re both here for the same reason. And unless I’m missing something, you guys haven’t walked out of here with any of your captured agents. If we work together we’ll save a lot more time.”

       I turn to my partner just as he turns to me. Then together, we turn back to Jeffrey.

       “No,” Alex and I chorus as we turn to leave.

       “You’re never going to get them back,” Jeffrey says. We continue walking. “Not without my lead.”

       We pause. I turn back to look at him. “You have a lead?”

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