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Hi there!

So it's been quite a while since I showed any activity on any of my posting pages, but I've been alive on quite a lot of other social medias. That said however, I'm now switching accounts permanently. Aziquesa will be left in the past, and I'll be aiming for the future. I have a feeling it's gonna be a good one.


Welcome to my new account and the slightly revised version of A New Manhattan. I made the most changes on July 25. Every released chapter except for the first one was revised and edited partly or majorly. Chapter 5 have only gotten a small edit at some conversation.

Today, on August 3rd, I also made some changes to chapter 1, and I have written three more chapters following the most recently published one. This means I have 10 revised chapters ready to be posted and one currently in the works!

I'm really excited to continue updating this story. Some really awesome things are planned, and I think it could turn out really cool!

Apart from reposting this story chapter by chapter, I'd also like to mention my patreon. I'm only gonna mention though, and if you're interested, you can PM me or search up my patreon profile.

Here's another really cool thing. I've created a discord server for everyone who reads/like this story. So if you're interested in getting some teeny tiny spoilers or want to share some ideas, feel free to join through the link below. There's channels for chatting, discussion of the latest chapters, as well as special channels for if you're a supporter of mine~

I'm active daily on discord, so it would be cool to talk to some of you readers. Even if there's not a lot of you, it would be awesome to meet you! c:


The link is set to never expire, so you should just be able to copy it and paste it into your browser or discord invite window. (Note that you'll need to have an account in order to join the server)

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