Chapter 74

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“I’ll do it,” she replied quickly. “I’ll do it…Just make sure they are both alive and well.”

Jonah smiled. “Maybe you aren’t that stupid after all. Good girl.”

She felt degraded by his words, but she no longer cared. At that moment in time, all she cared about were the lives of Ethan and Harry. She’ll do whatever she could to save him, and if that meant giving herself up to Zayn? Then so be it… One life in exchange for two? She was willing to do just that.


“Well,” Zayn laughed, darkly. “Money isn’t an issue. Whatever amount he suggests, double it. Everybody has a price. I don’t believe this imbecile of a hermit doesn’t blink when you offer to pay him triple the actual price of that diamond.”

It was the end of a long and eventful day.

The warm sunlight had shifted away to the other side of the Earth, and in its place was a sharp, crescent moon.

King Malik’s study was something out of a medieval nerd’s fantasy. It was like the infamous mind palace of Sherlock Holmes.

Of course, it was nothing compared to the great Royal Library at the other end of the palace, but the two storey room was the size of two average human houses, combined.

Zayn sat behind a large, metallic desk: hand carved out of a once, a large molten mixture of various precious metals. It’s every curve and every edge was calculated, designed by the great Leonardo Da Vinci himself. Da Vinci decided to present it was a gift to his maker several years ago: a Christmas present.

Being the sadistic control freak he was. Zayn specifically placed his fancy desk before a wall of tall, slightly tainted, strip of glass panels that took up a large chunk of one of the walls. It illuminated his silhouette across the hardwood floor. All he needed was a purring cat in his lap and an evil grin upon his face to reincarnate some of the greatest, vilest and most cliché of villains in entertainment history.

And deep down, a part of him was aiming for that cliché and evil image. It thrilled a small part of him. Oh the irony.

Most of the walls in the study were hidden behind thousands after thousands of books, upon fancy, modern glass cases that Zayn had imported from Switzerland a few months ago. A few platinum ladders littered the room, for easy access to the books at the top of the bookshelves—not like Zayn needed them, but he thought they looked pretty.

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