Chapter 4

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(Keith POV) Edited 

I was sitting in my room with my ear buds in. I was listening to 'be more chill'. I got up from my bed and sat by the window. The Reds, yellows, and pinks in the sky danced gracefully with each other slowly. The music ends and 'tightrope' starts playing. I stand up and start singing and dancing. I hear a knock on my door

"Keith? It's Pidge, open up!" Pidge knocks more 

"Coming!" I run to the door as I pause my music. Her bangs hang in her face. She's holding a pillow and a sleeping bag

"Today's our sleep over!" She comes in as Shiro smirks at Pidge 

"Ok kids, I'm going out. That means no drugs, smoking, or anything young adults do"

"Ok, ok Shiro." Pidge waves as she hands him her number incase they won't be home by 11:00 pm tomorrow. 

"Bye Adam! Bye Shiro!" Pidge waves again and closes the door. 

"So, Keith, I invited Hunk"

"Pidge! Really!" I sigh and hand her the wifi password  

"So, tell me what's Goning on with you and Lance?" Pidge smirks. I feel my face brun up

"N-nothing really" I sit on my bed. She sets her stuff up by the window 'Ring'

"Ah, that's hunk" Pidge runs down stairs and left me alone. I take the remote and point it to the TV in my room. I put on 'how to train your dragon' the first movie. I go to my closet and take out PJs and go into the bathroom to change 

"Ok, set up your stuff and we'll take it from there" I hear Pidge and hunk talking out side my room. I finish up and head out side with my dirty clothes, I put them into the basket and belly flop onto my bed then everything went black for a bit. 

I open my eyes to hear the sounds of some really shitty movie playing. Outside was completely dark and the stars Where shining very bright. 

"Hey Keith" hunk smiles 

"Hi" I feel so tired for some reason 

"Wanna change the movie?" Pidge grabs the remote 

"Sure" I yawn and sit up straight on my bed

"Oooooo mothman!" 

"What episode?" I look at Pidge 

"4, we've already seen it." Pidge looked upset

"Keith, you look wiped out man" hunk looks at me then the clock

"No wonder, it's 1:00 am" Pidge looks at her phone. 


"Yeah, you feel asleep. Shiro said he won't be back, him and Adam went to a hotel letting us have our adult bonding or whatever" Pidge looks at the TV 

"Wow, how long did I sleep?" I yawn as I take a sip of coke 

"About 3 hours, and your still really tired" hunk yawns too. We all watch mothman and 'star wars' I fell asleep first leaving Pidge and hunk alone to watch TV. Then Pidge fell asleep,Then hunk.

\\ //

"Morning Keith" I open my eyes to see Lance standing there in front of me. Holding eggs and bacon. I get up taking the food to see Pidge and hunk also eating breakfast

"Lance? How'd you get here!" I eat the eggs first. I face lights up

"This is so good.. tbh.." I continue to eat 

"Well, I have good news and bad news.." He looks at me with guilt In his eyes

"Well, what is it.. And don't change the subject on how you got into the house!"

"I good news, i can hang with you all day tomorrow. bad news, I have a date with this girl called 'Allura' today. I don't know her, my parents forced me to go out with her. Buts it just one date! Oh.. and Pidge was the one who let me in." He sat next to me on the bed and I leaned my head on his shoulder to comfort him. Even though I comforted him, didn't mean I wasn't angry. He could tell I was angry with him. I look up at him, feeling anger, guilt, sadness, and happiness. 

"The face of disappointment.." He stares right into my eyes. I feel my face light up with a red color 

"Ok love birds, times up! Lance you gotta go" Pidge drags him outside with hunk. He smiles to me before he left. I feel a paper next to me, I open it to see some Bitch 

"Shit, not her.. Allura, that Allura... Bitch steel yo man. #YASSSS Allura. Allura 'I'm awesome' Allura" ripped the paper to shreds

"What's wrong Keith?" Hunk sits next to me 

"Look, it's this 'Allura' the one that bullied me to depression" I show him what's left of her, her body and head that's it. 

"Oh god, not her" Pidge sighs 

"Don't tell Lance" hunk rubs my back

"Ok" Pidge nods 

"I hope he doesn't fall for her" I left my tears fall down my cheeks. The others stare at me with guilt. Shit.. why am I acting like some bitch on PMS.. fuck.

"Hunk, we'll spy on the date" she wispers to hunk. I could hear them loud and clear.

"Ok" he wispers back 

"What'd you talking about?" I but in 

"Nothing" Pidge grabs Her Sherlock cosplay 

"Oh nothing" hunk smirks as he grabs his Watson cosplay.   

"See ya Keith! We're gonna go and do normal things like shopping and totally not spying on Lance."

"Leave your stuff here, we'll have another sleep over later" I say as they leave the room 


End of chapter 

Word count: 866 

Ok so next chapter will be from Lance and Pidges POVs, hope you enjoyed!

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