He ran his tongue up the revealing part of Harrys' chest until he went up his neck. He went back down again as his hand continued to move around Harry. His thumb pressed down onto the slit of Harrys' cock then used the pre-cum as lube as he continued to jerk Harry off.

"Louis, Louis, Louis." Harry moaned, thrusting up into Louis' fist, "I'm not going to last long."

Louis groaned and bit down on the skin at the corner of Harry's neck and shoulder as his own orgasm hit him. His body shook and his thrusts became rapid as he moved his hips due to pleasure.

Harry groaned and let out a loud moan of Louis' name as his orgasm hit him. Louis kissed him as hard as he could as Harry came down from his high.

He pulled his hands slowly out of Harrys' pants and wiped them on Harrys' jeans causing Harry to glare at him.

Louis just laughed and kissed him again, "That was fucking beautiful."

Harry pushed his hair out of his way and looked into Louis' beautiful blue eyes, "You're fucking beautiful. You know that?"

Louis blushed, "Shut up."

Harry grinned and placed his hand on Louis cheek and stroked the skin softly, "You are, Louis. You really are."

TopTommo: harrys' cock is really pretty.😍

LiamPayne: wtf?

NiallHorny: send pics.

StylishStyles: shut up louis lol and shut up niall!

Zayniac: oooh lol. i don't think i want details.

TopTommo: we didn't fuck but i did jizz my pants without touching myself.😄

Zayniac: ew, louis. why tell us that?

TopTommo: hehehehe.

NiallHorny: liam?

LiamPayne: what?

NiallHorny: did you and zayn do the doodly doo last night?

LiamPayne: ....

Zayniac: what?


StylishStyles: NIALL. That's their personal business. shut up!

Harry laughed when he heard a smack from the living room. He ran a hand through his damp hair and changed into his work clothes before cutting off the light and stepping out to where Liam was chasing Niall. Their phones were lying on the couch. Niall was still cockadoodling like a rooster as he ran and made inappropriate comments about Liams' junk.

StylishStyles: liam is chasing niall around so they'll be back in a few moments.

Zayniac: niall is really, really blunt. i feel like i should be used to that by now lol.

TopTommo: it took you a while to get used to me. hehe.

Zayniac: lol, nothing to be happy about, louis.

StyishStyles: spend more time with niall and you will see how good of a guy he is even if he's extremely blunt.

Harry kept checking his phone every hour for updates on Gemma. Taylor would normally message him because his mother and Robin had to go back to work and couldn't take anymore time off. Taylor on the other hand had no problem skipping work to be there with his wife.

He was told that she was making slow progress and would be out of the hospital in no time. Harry made a mental note to go see her as soon as he could.

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