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Louis smirked and placed his lips against Harrys'. Harry groaned and tangled his hand in the back of Louis' hair to hold him there.

Their tongues moved together as Louis moved himself so he was sitting on Harry. His legs was on both sides of him while his hands ran up and down Harrys' chest.

He began grinding against Harry loving the groans that escaped the younger boy.

He pulled back and tugged on Harrys' curls a bit grinning as Harry groaned.

"Fuck." Louis whispered, "Just want to make you feel so good, Harry."

Harry licked his lips and placed his hand on Louis' stomach and ran it down until he reached the top of Louis' pants. He let his fingers slide up under his shirt to feel the warm skin under his fingers.

"Harry." Louis groaned, "Please don't tease."

"I wouldn't tease if you would get your pants off." Harry spoke.

Suddenly, Louis tensed up and moved off of Harry, "I can't."

"What? Why?" Harry asked, almost panting.

"This is about you." Louis spoke, "I want to make you feel good. You can make me feel good later."

"Louis." Harry spoke, "What's wrong?"

Louis moved closer towards him and placed his hand under Harrrys' shirt, "What's wrong is your pants are still on. But I can make do with that."

He slid his hands down under Harrys' boxers and pushed down until he felt Harrys' warm cock in his hand.

Harry cursed and grabbed onto the arm of the couch at the feeling of Louis' hand on him.

"Yeah?" Louis asked, "You like that?"

He began moving his hand around Harry the best he could inside of his boxers. He moved his body around so he could reach further inside and grip Harrys' cock better.

Harry whimpered and thrusted his hips up into Louis' fist. It was enough for Louis to pick up his pace.

He sucked Harrys' earlobe into his mouth and sucked on it for a few moments before planting a kiss below his ear. He drug his tongue down Harrys' neck and bit down causing Harry to cry out.

Harry felt incredible at the moment. Louis' grip was so tight and Harrys' cock was throbbing with each movement of the older boys hand.

"You're so hard, Harry." Louis whispered, hand moving faster, "You feel so good. So warm and wet around me."

He flicked his wrist before moving his hand up to thumb across the slit of Harrys' cock.

Harry groaned and arched off the couch his nails were digging into the arm of the couch.

"Fuck, Louis." Harry whimpered.

Louis groaned against Harrys' neck, "Hearing you moan my name like that makes me want to take your clothes off and do filthy, filthy things to you, Harry."

Harry cried out as Louis tightened his grip around him.

"Want that, Harry? I'd kiss down your chest, lick and bite your nipples before moving down your chest. I'd take your cock into my mouth and suck you until you started throbbing and begging me to let you cum."

Harrys' breathing was picking up and just the sight and sounds were enough to have Louis grinding up against Harrys' side. He could feel his own cock hardening with each thrust against the other boy and he knew that he'd end up cumming in his pants just from that. But the sounds coming from Harry and the small beads of sweat on Harrys' collarbone was enough for Louis not to give a fuck.

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