Chapter 23- Road Trip! Part 2

After I dropped Heather at her house, I went to Zach's house and barged in. I went to the living room and saw a girl suckung Zach's face.

I crept up on hin and yelled at his ear.

"Zach!" Both of them jumped and I laughed at him.

"What the hell dude?" Zach growled at me while massaging his lips with tissue.

The girl started purring at me. The fuck, I thought. What was she? A cat or something? She started rubbing my arm up and down as if I was her back sctarcher. This isn't a farm lady!

"Let the girl go because this is important." I scowled as I shook my arm.

I pulled the girl out from the couch because she was still touching my arms. I know it was harsh for me to pull her, but it was getting annoying.

"Zachy, why do you have to go?" she whined.

"I have something important to do ugh, Cassandra."

She huffed at him and glared at me. Damn those whores. As soon as she closed the door, I put my hands inside my pockets waiting for him to ask.

"Whatcha need Aiden?"

"Well, I kinda-" I looked at Zach and he rose his eyesbrows at me.

"Ugh, umm-," I scratched the back of my neck waiting for him to get mad at me.

"Juet tell me!" he shouted.

"IkindainvitedHeather!" I mumbled as fast as I could.

"You what? I can't understand you."

"Well, I was worried something might happen to Heather so I invited her." I said slowly and looked at him.

"Why man? This was suppose to be our road trip! Plus Heather would just be hurt more if we bring her!"

Well, he did have a point though, but it was dangerous for Heather to be alone now that Nathan knows about Heather being my girlfriend.

"Who cares Zach. We could also invite Ciara if you want too."

"Hell no! I don't want her to be part of the road trip!"

"Come on Zach. If it was just me, you, and Heather, you would watch us flirt all the time." He thought about it first then glared at me.

"Fine!" He gritted his teeth as he pulled out his phone and laid down on the couch.

"Hey Ciara. Well I was just thinking if you were bust this week? Oh ok. Well, Aiden and I would be going to a road trip, but Aiden here invited Heather. So I, well I was thinking if you would come join us? All 4 of us would go to the road trip." Zach looked so nervous.

I roller my eyes, waited for his answer. Suffenly, hid eyes grew big. He raised his hands up and he was dancing like a fool.

"You will? Oh well, thats great! Tomorrow morning. Ok, bye!" He shut his phone and grinned.

"Looks to me we're going with 2 hot babes!"  He smiled. I grinned and chuckled.

A couple of minutes, I decided to go home and rest. I waved goodbye at Zach and drove.

° ~ °

As I got home, I went up to my room to use the computer and checked my  mail. No letters, well that's good.

I turned on the TV and sat on my couch. My iphone vibrated and saw the caller i.d.


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