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When I woke up I seen Anna and she told me that I passed out and have been out for about three days. Anna told me that I went into shock. She asked me what I was thinking about.

On the side table of the bed was a photo album and I picked it up and flipped through it and found a family photo that we took to announce the twins.

I got Anna's attention and pointed to the photo and she told me that I was a very good father. I couldn't get myself to believe her.

When I got released from the hospital I got told my weight was low but you know that I am fine. I told Anna that I was fine and she gave me a worried look.

With my cutting habit I relapsed, I have tried to distract myself with music but that didn't work, I tried to distract myself with baby girl things but Anna had to explain a lot to me because my mind was so distracted that I forgot a lot of things.

Anna got me very excited to design the nursery for the girls. With Otis' nursery we went with a blue and dark wood theme. An idea that I have for the girls nursery theme is painted white wood, pastel pink and lace.

When me and Anna were talking about baby names and I suggested that I pick out one name and she picks out the other and she agreed.

I looked over the names that I had written down and picked a name that stuck out to me, Berlin Kaiyo.

My wife loved the name and the name that my wife adored was Parker Maiya. She said that she loved the name because it made a reflection of the dream that made me and her met. She picked Parker and I couldn't agree more that it was perfect.

Parker and Berlin's nursery is coming together perfectly, I painted the room pastel pink and when I looked in the mirror I had it all over my face just like I did when I painted Otis' room blue over four years ago. The photos we took for the girls' name reveal were very simple I got the tour pass from the last tour and circled BERLIN and added a -ER to park and beside the Berlin and Parker I put their middle names on the pass. I gave the pass to Chester first.

Chester looked at the pass and then back at me then got the sketchbook and I asked him what he thought the girls' names were. He wrote, Berlin Kaiyo and Parker Maiya. He showed the camera because the guys were trying to listen to me saying the baby names to Chester.

Next was Brad, I gave him the pass and he looked at it with wide eyes and I gave him the sketchbook and he wrote, Berlin Kaiyo and Parker Maiya.
This continued till I told all five guys and I told them not to tell anyone the names and they swore that they are going to listen.

I went to my parents' house and Anna's parents were there too and I gave them the pass and explained it a little more and they took turns writing their answers. My mom and dad were first and they wrote Berlin Kaiyo and Parker Maiya. Anna's parents did the same.
We also got them to write a little messages for their nieces and their granddaughters.

We are going to frame the pieces of sketchbook paper for the nursery to add a little touch of love.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The next chapter is going to be the Shinoda twins arrival

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