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I continued walking in the direction of where the wolves chased Kristen to.

As I was walking I saw a foundation beside a tree and I walked to get a closer look it had the same symbol I saw earlier.

I sighted another one on the tree, that's it "The markings!!" I exclaimed

I must be getting close, I ran and observed five markings, I continued running but I slowed down due to some certain smell.

I walked slowly and my legs are starting to get into mushy things, they are like mud but not mud, I think it's blood, but thick fresh ones.

Am getting goosebumps already cause am not even wearing shoes.

It's getting darker and darker and I sighted a girl in brown boots, it's Kristen

She's covered in blood and she is on her knees, curling herself, she scared,  I moved closer to her and touched her but my hand went through her again

"You can't save your friends in a vision but through a vision" I whispered as I remembered what the so called me said.

Eva's pov

I have been looking at this doctor and something seems so strange about him but I don't know what.

He has just be scribbling through the page of a particular book, that doesn't even look hospital like.

"Um sir, is she gonna be okay," I asked biting my fingernail

"Oh she will,she will" he repeated

"This man gives me the chills" I whispered and when I said that he looked at me and smiled.

He was about to touch Holland when she jerked up breathing heavily.

"Darling" I yelled and ran to hug her "you scared me" I said and kissed her hair, it's so wet.

"Ma'am excuse me for a min" he said and I nodded and went out.

Holland's pov

This doctor looks familiar I thought to myself,

"I look familiar cause I was the one who treated you" he replied and was pacing around.

"What do you want from me" I asked, sweating even more, and my heartbeat increasing.

"Slow down on that heartbeat dear, it might pop out." He smirked

"I have plans for you sweetie, but all will be executed as soon as I finish observing you" he replied

I glared at him, if looks could kill I would have killed him since to shut his hole.

"Don't think of killing me darling, I have lived for thousands of years, and you think you can just end me" he let out a loud laugh.

"Hahaha, you make me laugh sweetie, try killing me when you master your powers" he kept on pacing around.

And i swallowed down hard, he can hear my thoughts.

"Just be at alert sweetie cause you won't see me coming" he smirked

"Why do you want to kill me? You don't even know me" I yelled but believe me am as scared as f***.

"Oh I know everything about you" he smirked.

My mom entered 

"Sorry aren't you done" she asked

"Am actually done I was trying to get some answers from her" he smiled gracefully and left

My mom came to hug me , I saw him standing by the door and flashing does red eyes at me.

"We will meet again" he said and I heard in my head and left.

"Are you okay?" My mom asked and I just stared at the door.

I will face him later but right now I got save my friend.

Kristen's pov

I knelt and curled myself,and I sobbed, I just wanna go home to papa

Where I was Sobbing, something tapped me and I looked back

And a pair of blue eyes flashed into my eyes and I got unconscious.

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