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real life

"rye mate a word in the hall please" andy said stopping rye before he got into the living room. harvey continued passed andy who came out the living room with a panicked look on it. andy shoved rye into his room, causing rye to trip up and make a loud noise. "bro what the fuck" rye said still on the floor. " im sorry, just please dont go into that livingroom" andy said putting his hand out to help rye up. "let me out andy i want tea" rye said. "well if you go in the livingroom there will be loads of tea being spilled" andy said with his arm on the door stopping rye from leaving. " get out my way andy" rye said trying to get andys hand off the door. "MIKEY a little help here" andy said loud enough for mikey to hear from the livingroom. a knock at the bedroom door caused andy to move his arm letting mikey in.

"mikey please tell andy to let me out" rye complained. "sorry mate cant do that" mikey said. "aw for god sakes why not?' rye questioned. "just because"
" naw thats not a proper answer mikey"
" rye sian's in there"
"whats so bad about that eh"
" ehm well because she isnt your biggest fan" mikey said scratching the back of his head. " well let me out there and we can sort it out" andy and mikey looked at each other taking their attention off rye. rye moved passed andy knocking him to the side. mikey and andy tried to catch rye before he got to the livingroom.


harvey entered the living room seeing the 3 boys and 3 girls. chloe still
"well fuck this is awkward" harvey laughed.
"shut up harvey. you told me he wouldn't of been here" sian said looking unimpressed.
"i know i know but he then asked me to pick him up from the train station" harvey said holding his hands up in his defence.
"a text would of been helpful you knew chloe would be here" sian said stressing out.
" i totally forgot and i was in a rush and forgot my phone"
the 8 of them sat in silence untill andy shouted on mikey leaving the 7 of them to sit in silence for another 5 minuets untill rye came barging into the living room.
"RIGHT sian why do you not...." rye said nearly choking on his words when he seen chloe. "nah. are you kidding on what the hell" rye said staring at the boys. "oh don't start me rye they tried to stop you but you insisted on coming in here" sian said standing up.
"who even asked you to be here sian"
"harvey did actually"
rye looking at harvey.
"she is my best friend rye" harvey said defending rye.
"well i'd very much like it if chloe would leave"
right at that moment chloes phone rang.
"sorry i have to get this"
chloe said walking passed rye and out the door to the close.

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