Chapter 6: The Hundreds of Masks

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We sat there for a little while until an officer comes to us, escorting the hand-cuffed Robin Hales.

The man was wearing the "jail clothes" as I like to call it, and a pair of handcuffs. He still had some bruises from yesterday but nothing too major. 'What do you want?' He says too aggressively making me clench my jaw out of shock, I bit my lip.

'We've spoken to your brother. He was- Worried.' I swiftly replied to show that I wasn't afraid.

'Did you find something that interests you?' He asked mockingly. 'Mr Hales, we are trying to help you here so stop being such a brat and listen.' Sherlock said as he leaned closer to the man as he calmly whispered his words. He then cleared his throat and moved back to his previous position.

'Now Mr Hales, tell us. Who was the person that sent you this?' I asked rather softly as I brought out the bloody necklace. By now, I can tell from his reaction that he never, ever wanted to see this item. 'It's your wife's. Authorities found it somewhere not too hidden. So why hide it somewhere easy to find?' Sherlock asked changing the whole question. 'What's the point in hiding when you know what's gonna happen next?' He replies his thick Yorkshire accent evident.

Sherlock was now in his zone, possibly thinking about the different scenarios of this man's problem. 'You knew what's gonna happen?' I asked. 'A threat is a physical warning. Know the signs, Perrie.' Sherlock says rather quickly, telling me off as he looked at me intently and honestly, he was right. I was not in the right mindset. The one thing that completely stood out was the fact that he just said my first name for the very first time.

'What else did he leave beside the necklace?' Asked Sherlock going back to Robin.

'Wait, he?' I asked still confused, which surprises me.

'Stop it, and think. You have high intellect so be it. Answers are hidden in there and you know that. Fix yourself.' He says now clearly frustrated of me as he pointed to my head. Then I start to nibble on my lip once again.

'Sorry for that- disturbing encounter. Now Mr Hales, Is there anything else?' Sherlock continued while I closed my eyes trying to find myself again.

'I am the secret who doesn't mind to be found. I'm the lie who tells the truth. I am the death that lives, and I shall be my brothers undoing.' I heard the man said with a very low whisper making it only easy for me and Sherlock to hear. I opened my eyes only to see the world like it was before.

Everyone's details, and life. I swore to never do this again, but what's the point anyway.

I looked over at the man only to see him in a very different way, but I was quick to be brought back to the real story. 'Riddle.' I said. 'Good, you're finally coming along.' Sherlock replies.

'Never was a fan.' He quickly retorted talking about riddles. 'He isn't describing an object his describing himself.' I said as my mind went on all different directions searching for clues. 'Blood.' I heard a very faint whisper beside me which can only be coming from Sherlock. 'What?' I asked.
'The blood on the necklace, it can tell us a lot about this man.' He says. 'What if it's another man's blood. A man who plays with riddles likes to play it hard Sherlock. He won't be that stupid to just leave his blood trailing around.' I briefly explained getting an approving silence from Sherlock.

'You won't need to perform any test. I can lead you right to him.' The man suddenly said. 'Go on.' Sherlock replied with much interest. 'But just remember, don't try to get me out of here. He knows I've been caught, it would just take him seconds to kill me.' The man whispers pleading for his will. 'Very well.' Sherlock replied.

'You two are smart I can tell. It would just take a word to trigger everything.' The man says as if he was telling a story. 'Just get this over with.' I said finally gaining the man's attention. He looks at me and Sherlock alternately as if he was about to reveal a big bomb.

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