Setting up camp that night was interesting. Draven was either giving me accusatory or disappointed looks whenever I glanced at him. Considering Tyce and I had more or less swam back together after a while of being alone, I could guess what he was thinking. Although he was really starting to piss me off. It wasn't like he hadn't messed around with girls before.

We sat down to dinner in a somewhat happy glow. At least Ryder, Nix and Finn did. We'd just spent an afternoon, for the first time, relaxing and having a good time and the long and strenuous journey was almost over. They had nothing but happiness to be basking in I'd imagine.

I wasn't in a little glow. I was imagining how much I would be kicking myself for getting involved with a client on my way back to Tsuna. I'm an idiot... but I didn't regret it. I loved the safe and warm feeling I got around Tyce, even if it was ending very soon.

I yawned, suddenly exhausted after all the traveling along with the lake and rubbed my face. To my surprise it was all smooth. I blinked and ran my hand over where the scab should be. There was only smooth skin that was a little too soft.

"The scab must have come off while you were swimming," Draven told me, noticing my confusion. "Fast healing, as usual."

"I guess so," I ran my hand over the skin again, just to make sure it was a scar. "What does it look like?"

"You can see it," Draven shrugged. "But it's not disfiguring, it really doesn't look bad."

"He's right," Tyce told me.

I nodded, then yawned again. After that I just put what I didn't eat away and crawled onto my mat and cover. Man was I tired... two days to go, I hoped it was a nice dream tonight.

I opened my eyes to the sun on my face. I blinked and looked around. Everyone was still asleep and the sun was well up in the sky. We all must have been more tired than I thought from the swim... oh well, we should still get there the day after tomorrow.

I put all my things away then lead the horses to the lake to drink. When I got back everyone was still asleep. With a sigh, I put tied all the horses back up and went to wake up my brother first. Draven was a pretty light sleeper, so I was surprised when I nudged him in the back and he didn't move.

"Up and at 'em," I shook his shoulder. "Come on Draven, wake up."

He didn't move. Panic washed through me. I yelled at him, shook him, even slapped him... but he didn't wake up. I jumped up and ran from person to person, desperately trying to wake them up, but no one stirred. What happened?! They were alive... breathing... were they drugged? Did someone drug them? That made so sense... none of our things were stolen.

The forest caught fire. It just exploded around me, the inferno eating up tree after tree. Icy terror consumed me. They were going to burn alive... and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I ran forward without thinking, trying desperately to think of a way to get them out of the blaze.

Then I was at the lake. I blinked in shock, watching the sky fill with black smoke as tree after tree was devoured by the fire. I tried to scream, tried to run forward, but nothing happened, I was completely paralyzed.

"It's alright," a horribly sweet and familiar voice came from behind me as his arms encircled me. "That was the last of your ties to anyone but me."

I inhaled a sobbing gasp, my body shaking uncontrollably. His hand dipped down the front of my dress as he pulled out his necklace and smiled against my hair. I couldn't move, couldn't breathe, could barely register the person standing behind me.

"I love you Esmaria."

I woke up screaming. My eyes still blurred from the fire, I could barely breathe. A sharp pain hit my face, snapping my head to the side. I gasped in air, trying to comprehend where I was and what was happening. In my mind all I saw was their sleeping faces and the fire.

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