~ Mistaken Intention's ~

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The moment that Annie mentioned that she would shift and make a run for the walls, the black-haired male felt his heart lurch in his chest and regret settle in him. He had thought that Annie had changed with the moment they had last night but she still seemed to be cold and callous at her core.

This might have been a mistake.

Matias didn't have time to do anymore then think on it as before he even knew it the two were out the door. He constantly looked at Annie to make sure that the disguise was as good as it should be and was satisfied with it as they headed out; heart skipping a beat as she smiled again.

Ugh. He was becoming an absolute mess.

The stores that had been destroyed in the battle with Eren were slowly coming back. The owners that had survived steadily rebuilt with the help of neighbours. Maybe he'd take Annie there once they came back from the walk.

As the two noticed the old wanted posters he felt his blood run cold and lips purse into a thin frown. Even with Annie's jokes he wasn't feeling very good with what the two were trying to pull. They really should leave and go back home. He looked at Annie to say as such and was prepared to even force her, but stopped dead as he notices a military officer that he recognised approaching them.

"Annie. Go back home and don't do anything unnecessary." He quickly muttered, pushing the younger girl back as he approaches the military officer that slowly turned their attention towards him. The man's expression brightened and then scrunched up in confusion.

It looked like he didn't remember him. "Thomas. It's Matias." Thomas immediately blinked in surprise before grinning at the the retired military officer.

"Hey man. Been awhile eh? I heard that you retired from the squad. Is that right?"

"Yeah. It wasn't for me. Even with all the perks and what-not. I feel like I do better with the people anyways." The other military officer nodded in understanding and Matias knew that his best chance to leave was now. He opened his mouth to suggest some sort of reunion later, but much like most things in his life lately, lost the chance in an instant.

"Hey! Is that you, Matias?" Another military officer came up with hearty wave and in that moment Matias knew that he was about to get stuck here for awhile. Hopefully Annie had got home without a problem or at the very least still looking around as discretely as possible.

As long as she was safe and not doing anything reckless. That was what he wished in his heart would happen.

Walking back home when Matias told her to, Annie sighed as she walked down the road and alley's to the house. She carried a few bags of clothes and supplies they'd bought, she did need clothes and feminine products; Matias could not go out and buy them without some sort of suspicion; if anyone was still watching him of course.

She walked in and put the stuff in his bedroom, now her bedroom as of late. Watching over the streets outside through the window, he saw Matias nearby, talking to several military officers.

A frown creased her forehead as she watched him talk to them. So this was how it was. She offered to fuck him the night before, he had spoken of trusting him and all that malarkey.

She actually had feelings for this guy.

She turned and pushed her new and old clothes into the backpacks before moving to a window that led into a back alley. She clambered out and using her superior skills, she jumped from wall to wall until she landed on the floor, sliding down the wall with outstretched legs either side of her.

That was when she took off running, jogging through the streets. She would attempt to make it to the gatehouse and pass through, hopefully the Garrison and Military Police were lax enough to let her through without papers.

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