New Girl Part 2

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"Sweet it's a chick!!" Mineta exclaimed.

"And she's not ugly!" Kamanari and Mineta yelled in unison.

The newest member of class 1A was a girl around 5 foot 9 inches (175 centimetres). She had her wavey brown/red hair out. Her dark hazel eyes seemed to sparkle as light hit them. She was wear black leather Converse that reached her ankles. She had a hourglass figure, longish arms and rosey cheeks. Her face was overall pretty round including her jawline, she had defined eyebrows and long eyelashes.

Aizawa-sensei returned to the podium after closing the door.

"Class this is Angelica, the newest member-"

" uh.. Why do I care?" Bakugo said intrupting his teacher.

Angelica wrote something in a tattered notebook before showing it to Aizawa-sensei. 

"Okay, but only this once." She nodded in reply.

"Everyone but Bakugo grab a pair of headphones and stand at the back of the class" Aizawa-sensei instructed.

The class did as they were told coming to the front and grabbing a pair of headphones before moving to the back of the class.

'I haven't done this in a while' she thought. "Hi" she said waving at Bakugo.

Bakugo rose from his seat and headed towards Angelica.

"I'm Bakugo." He said with a bow.

"Angelica, It's a pleasure to meet you Bakugo." She said with a curtsy.

"The pleasure is mine" he said kissing her hand.

"Oh, how forward of you"

"Okay that's enough, take the headphones off, everyone return to your seats." Aizawa-sensei said activating his quirk.

"Oh come on it was just getting good." Angelica whinnied.

"We don't have time for that."


"Angelica my eyes are drying up."

Angelica went quite and Aizawa-sensei deactivated his quirk.

"As you now know Angelica has an amazing quirk. It's called Siren and allows to bewitch just about everyone within earshot of her. Although it's useful, like all quirks there are cons. She is currently unable to control who is affected. As to avoid making scenes she doesn't talking much and usually uses pen and paper to communicate. The headphones I made everyone wear just now are designed as a countermeasure to the affects of her quirk and since the buildings are already soundproof the effect is minimised." Aizawa-sensei explained.

Angelica wrote something else in the tattered notebook she used moments before to communicate with Aizawa-sensei once again. 

"Alright, but make it quick. I'll hand it over to her to explain further" He said reactivating his quirk.

"Hi, as you know my name's Angelica. I-"

"Get to the point" Aizawa-sensei said rudely interrupted his student.

"Fine, 'Kay I have to make this quick 'cause Mr. All intelligent teacher over here doesn't want sore eyes at the end of the day." 

"Watch your mouth." Aizawa-sensei said in an angry tone.

"Sorry, my quirk is Siren not extracting my EYEBALLS from my face." Angelica said facing her teacher before turning back around.

"I like her." said Bakugo.

"What?!" Sero yelled in shook.

Angelica turned around to face her teacher realising what she just said a look of fear clearly being portrayed on her face.

"I'm not mad, just don't do it again."

"Yes sir."

"Never mind." Bakugo said not wanting to believe he liked her in the first place.

"Sorry for wasting so much time with my cattiness. I'll try my hardest not to do it again, unless it's Bakugo."

"Huh?!"Bakugo said with a slight undertone of angst.

"That's okay right?" Angelica asked facing her teacher who nodded in reply.

"Yay" she said with overwhelming excitement.

"WHAT?!!" Bakugo yelled.

"What do you expect, your the first person to hear my voice uncensored since I was 9, I ain't holding back now."

"9" everyone repeated.

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