The Void

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So first off CONGRATULATIONS FOR 100,000 subscribers on YouTube,  Ash! Was about time you got them!

(Drawing by theweirdgamerHD, OC by me)

The Void was something and nothing at once, home of the Voidwatchers. According to Dio's will the Voidwatchers, P1, P2 and P3 would guide and protect the lesser beings Dio called into existence.

They have taken the shape resembling the humans, the most numerous of Dio's creations, albeit not limited to their bodily appearance, able to perform great magical deeds. However, in order to prevent them from accidentally wreaking havoc in whatever scenario possible, Dio decreed that they would only be able to infuse their power into lesser creations in order to create magical, but lesser beings. 

The Voidwatchers decided, with Dio's will, to create a special kind of helper. They infused humans with cat genes in order to make them superior to humans in terms of strength, speed and reaction time while also possessing the intelligence of a human and, when in human form, the resistance of a strong human body. These creations were called Voidchildren, the most unique of all creations for they haven't been created by Dio, are a fusion of lesser beings and have ascended to beings of more meaning and beauty. 

The Voidchildren were emotionless in order to perfectly carry out their mission. In their cat form they were sent to the lesser beings disguised as pets amongst other cats and animals and did everything to protect their "owners" and even save them at the cost of their lives. Due to this they have been created with nine lives, nine times to revive and once again save as many humans as possible.

To be Continued...
How the Universe of Ashwhisker came into Existence
Last updated: Aug 04, 2018
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