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Seokmedaddy: I just finished going through your profile.

Seokmedaddy: Sweetie, you look like you're fuCKIN 15 what are you doing here my god-

nammie_nums is typing...

nammie_nums: wait so you dum wuv me :(

Seokmedaddy: how did you even find this app? Your mind is too innocent delete this app immediately.

nammie_nums: the descwiption said joonie find fwiends here wif a wonky face so...

Seokmedaddy: ...sooooooo

nammie_nums: it sounded prwomising...

Seokmedaddy: to find friends. On a gay dating app.

nammie_nums: ...mhmm

Seokmedaddy is typing...

Seokmedaddy: you're quite the intellectual.


Someone needs to collect namjoon.

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