Chapter-3 (e)

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Chapter-3: Trial and Reunions

Selene's p.o.v:

At sharp 10:00 I was in the audience section in Wizengamot waiting for the session to start wearing my black cloak which is charmed by goblins so that no one can identify me. Slowly everyone started coming talking among themselves about what and for whom this session is. Minister Fudge, Madame Bones along with Dumbledore came in.

"Amelia who is going to question Black?" Fudge asked her.

"I'm going to question Black myself Minister Fudge." She replied and he nodded his head.

"Please bring Sirius Orion Black forth," Amelia announced.

Courtroom door got opened and Papa came in he was thin with shadows around his eyes which are lifeless he was too thin for his own good. Meanwhile, Grandpa Arctus and Orion were ready to kill someone along with grandma and great aunt Irma and Cassiopeia were ready to cry even though their faces were blank their eyes held these emotions.

"We are here for Trail of Sirius Orion Black for the charges of killing a wizard Peter Pettigrew along with 13 muggles. Also for revealing the location of James Potter and his wife Lily Potter nee Evans to He-Who-Must-Not-B- Named. How do you plead guilty?" Madame Bones questioned.

"Not guilty," Papa said and courtroom turned into chaos.

"Very well give him Vertiserum." She said.

"What is your name?"

"Sirius Orion Black."

"What was your house when you were in Hogwarts?"


"Are you a secret keeper of potters?"

"No I was never their secret keeper," Papa replied. Everyone in the courtroom was stunned into silence.

"Who is their secret keeper and what happened to tell us in detail Mr.Black."

"Their secret keeper was Peter Pettigrew. That day when I went to Godric's Hallows everything was destroyed, James body was downstairs and Lily's body was in front of Selene's crib and Selene was crying, I took her in my arms so that I can take her with me because she was my goddaughter but suddenly Hagrid came there stating that Dumbledore told him to bring Selene to him to keep her safe and on impulse I ran back of Peter. Then he started talking to me then fired cheering charm on me, blasted a gas cylinder shouting I'm a murderer and traitor then turned into a rat and ran away into a sewer nearby." Papa answered and once again everyone was shocked and stunned meanwhile I can see in Dumbledore eyes because Papa is going to be declared innocent.

"Turned into a rat, how is that?"

"He is animagus, his form is a rat."

"I Amelia Bones head of DMLE hereby declare Sirius Black innocent and to compensate his living in Azkaban ministry give 10,000 galleons. I also hereby order Aurors to find Peter Pettigrew for execution on sight. The court is finished." Bones declared and went away.

Slowly everyone went away except Papa's family and Dumbledore. I'm still in shadows.

" Sirius my boy I'm sorry I never knew that you were not the secret keeper." He said in his grandfather's persona with twinkle eyes, seeing that Papa scowled at him violently.

"I'm not Sirius for you Dumbledore its Mr.Black for you. One more thing where is Selene?" He asked about me and my heart started beating rapidly.

"Sirius my boy she is safe where ever she is. I can't tell you about the place." He said.

"No Dumbledore you did the same thing before 12 years you're not going to do the same thing she is mine I will never let her be in your clutches. I will get her back whatever it takes." Papa replied firmly.

"Sirius just now you came out of Azkaban I don't think you're in your right mind to take her guardianship. Also because of Lily's sacrifice, the blood wards will protect her from Voldemort" He replied and that's enough for me to stay put and listen to his rubbish, so I stepped out of shadows.

"I don't think you have any right or say in this matter in Mr Dumbledore," I said.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" He asked firmly.

"Who am I?! I will come to that later. What am I doing here, of course, I'm here to witness the trial of Sirius Black." I said.

"Well you are small for all this dear and you have no right in this matter because it belongs to his family and myself as his mentor," Albus replied.

"So you think his family has a say in this?" I asked tilting my head to side innocently. I know I'm riling him up and its quite funny.

"Yes, only his family and myself in his goddaughter Selene's issue as her magical guardian." He said.

"I don't think you have any right to say in that matter professor Dumbledore," I said removing my cloak and everyone gasped.

"Selene." He said.

"Yes, professor it's me. One and only Selene Potter." I said and I was immediately in arms of Papa and for the first time, I felt home.

"Selene you shouldn't be here. You should go back to your relatives." He said dragging me by my arm towards the door. I snatched my arm roughly from him.

"I don't think you have any say regarding me because I'm going to stay with my family," I said and ran towards papa.

"Fine Selene I know you want to stay with your godfather for few days so Go ahead, I will come and  take you after half of the summer is finished." He replied and stormed out. I turned towards papa.

"Selene, is that really you?" Papa asked.

"Yes Papa, it's me," I said and he is shocked that I know the truth.

"You know that I was your second parent, not Lily." He asked.

"Yes Papa I know and I also know that James is my Mama who is my carrier too," I replied and he took me into a bone-crushing hug.

"Sirius, what is happening?" Grandma asked but still, Papa was not ready to let go of me.

"Son, you have to tell us what all this is about?" Grandpa Orion asked.

"Papa Selene is not my goddaughter, in fact, she is my daughter. Remaining I will tell when we will reach manor. Also, Selene what is Albus saying you staying at lily's sister? " He asked and everyone nodded their head at that.

"Papa when we reach home I will tell you all," I said and everyone nodded.

We reached manor which is located in France while we are leaving reporters swarmed us but Blacks was powerful with one stare from Grandpa Arctus and everyone backed away. I was amazed and was in awe seeing manor while Papa chuckled seeing my face and I pouted.

"Don't worry Princess this the smallest of all the manors we have." He said but I was stunned by his endearment.

"Do you... I mean do you really mean that I mean I'm your Princess?" I asked with uncertainty while everyone was looking at me shockingly.

"Of course you're my Princess Selene and you know your Mama used to call you little one." He said and I gave him a watery smile.

We together entered manor while Papa carried me in his arms.

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