Chapter 29: Blade Warrior

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Evening came at last and the girls rushed out to have fun in the city, while Riza and Edmund went to a restaurant together.

The Cherry Blossom Festival was an event full of happiness and joy - they put out many trinkets and items in open markets, street performers amused the crowd right in the streets... Many attractions would open exclusively on this day, like Element Shooting galleries - people shot at targets with their respective elements and won prizes. One could also buy many candies. The main colours were pink and red, and at night, people would watch how cherry blossoms fell off the trees under the starry sky and would make wishes that would definitely come true.

The Cherry Blossom Festival was also a good occasion for lovers to celebrate together, and of course, it was believed one could meet one's significant other on this particular day if one desired strongly enough...

So the girls had quite a fun time - they ran through the streets, bought candies, had fun in amusing attractions, shot in Element Shooting galleries and Cherrie won the most prizes as the Battler Class and the Fire element user.

"Haha! This is awesome!" Tamie was joyful.

"You said it, sis!" Tiger grinned, her dog Blizzard happily barking beside her. He too had quite a good time.

Suddenly, Tamie heard beautiful tunes of the eastern lands. She widened eyes and ran in the direction these melodies were coming from.

"Huh? Tamie, wait!" Tiger and the girls rushed after their friend.

Tamie was running, her heart heavily beating as she heard her favourite melodies.

Can't be! Melodies from Kenshin? It's so wonderful!

Kenshin was the country where one of her male protagonists, Byakuya, was from, and Byakuya was her muse, or, more precisely, one of his faces... But who cared?! It was Kenshinese melodies!

Soon she noticed a large crowd gathered at the edge of the street, near cherry blossom trees. She accessed the crowd and elbowed her way through it. She saw a young, thirty-year-old musician, playing Kenshinese melodies on his flute. She widened eyes - this guy was so gorgeous... with his long black hair tied in a ponytail and that wonderful black kimono... and, even a Katana blade?!

 and, even a Katana blade?!

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Goodness... He is truly from Kenshin! Her heart banged in her chest - so cool to finally see a man from Kenshin! I should totally ask him things, then to use it in my story... As a writer, Tamie was always curious about every country's culture, and when it came to Kenshin where her muse Byakuya was from, she needed to absorb every kind of information.

The young man continued playing on his flute, and the people who were enraptured by his music would drop some coins into the conical hat he had put on the ground. Tamie listened together with everyone when suddenly her Star-gadget rang. People around her glanced at her annoyedly. She got embarrassed and blushed, frowningly answering her Star-gadget (it was, of course, Tiger's signal):

"What is it?"

"Where are you? Where did you run off to, Tamie?"

"I... I'm listening to a musician here in the street. You go without me, girls. I'll catch up with you later, okay?"

"Ah, alright..."

Tiger dropped the call, apparently thinking Tamie was a weirdo. But this latter didn't care - she turned her Star-gadget on vibration and continued listening to the young man's tunes. She got so elated she even dropped not just one or two, but ten gold coins in his hat.

It dusked. Then it got completely dark, but the lights turned on in the street and the crowd, although smaller, still stood listening to the foreign melodies, and Tamie too, was still standing there and listening together with others. But then, finally, the boy finished his last melody and stood up, bowing to the crowd. The people clapped. Tamie too applauded furiously. The crowd started disbanding. When there was no one left and the young man knelt and picked his hat up, he got surprised as he noticed ten gold coins among the usual silver ones. Then he suddenly felt someone's presence, so he confusedly looked ahead and saw the young twenty-year-old girl gaze at him with her shimmering brown eyes. She wore a ring with an emblem... the Rose Cruce Order?! And she wore the Order ring on her left hand... His eyes widened but he quickly hid his astonishment and instead kindly smiled:


"Now that was one blasting performance, sir! I... I am Tamie Wingfield. I am a writer, and I write a lot about Kenshin. You seem to know a lot about the country, you are even a Blade Warrior," she pointed on his katana-blade, "So... would you mind sharing some information with me? The thing is, my male protagonist in one of my upcoming stories is a Blade Warrior from Kenshin too, so I... would like to know more details about your Code..."

The young man first blinked in stupefaction, but then chuckled:

"Oh, now looks like we've got a true fan here. I'd be glad to share my culture. I am happy to meet you, Tamie Wingfield. My name is Byakuya von Drachen," he stretched his hand out.

Tamie froze - von Drachen?! And he said... Byakuya?!

"Oh boy..." she giggled and shook his hand, "What a coincidence! My character's name is Byakuya too!"

"Now that's truly funny!"

"And... you said, 'von Drachen'? I've actually known a guy with that surname. His name was Erik..." Tamie grew gloomy.

"Oh? Excuse me, but how old are you?"

"Huh? I'm... nineteen, turning twenty this year. Why?"

"Erik von Drachen, huh?" the guy who presented himself as Byakuya deeply furrowed his brow, "Tamie Wingfield, right? I guess you're from Rose Cruce," he looked at her ring.

"Um, yes..."

"Tamie Wingfield, the man you talk about - Erik von Drachen - was sealed away fourteen years ago, by five Bearers".

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