New Girl Part 1

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Warning: I don't know Japanese and don't know when to use Sama, Kun, Chan or San and therefore won't I will however use Sensei when I believe it should be used. Please forgive my only knowing English and please continue reading.

In Class 1A on the first day back at school. The students were catching up and bragging about what the did during break, a few moments later the bell rang starting the school day.

"Class, I have an announcement" Mr Aizawa said, surprisingly not from his usual stop on the floor curled up in his yellow sleeping bag, but from the teaching podium. "We have a new student."

Curious and confused whispers could be heard from around the room.

"Who is it?" Momo whisper.

"I wondered what they're like?" said Uraraka.

"I hope they're nice" croaked Tsuyu.

"I hope it's a girl" Mineta stated.

Iida run to the front of the class taking the opportunity to lead once again.

"Everyone I understand your curiosity, but if we aren't quite and don't listen to Aizawa-sensei we will never find out how the new student will be." Iida said (using about if not more hand movements as he usually does.)

"Thank you Iida." Aizawa-sensei said.

Iida smiled while returning to his seat triumphantly.

"You can come in now" Aizawa-sensei said opening the door as to welcome the new student who was waiting in the hall.


This is the end of part 1 of New Girl, I know right sucks. The next episode in coming and may even be done by the time your reading this. Anyway hoped you enjoyed part 1 and will continue reading this series.

P.s. I know it's short but think of this as an ad break I want to build the suspense.

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