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Ayan, Sara and Sheroze were bestfriends who were in the final semester of their BBA.
Ayan and Sara were about to get engaged the next month and were very happy about it.
The event was scheduled to take place in the biggest Marquee in Islamabad so they would leave no stone unturned to show off their wealth.
Ayan was a mommy's boy who loved his mother to bits and his mom supported him on everything. Literally everything.
Sara, on the other hand, was a daddy's girl. Her father always had her back and never let her down. He made her fully independent.
' Get ready Sara i'm coming to pick you up, we have to get the rings finalized today.' Said Ayan over the phone. ' Yeah, i'll be waiting.' Replied Sara and the line disconnected.
Ayan picked Sara up and drove towards the market. Midway, he listened to the Adhaan (prayer call) and passed an annoyed expression to Sara. Sara understood his gesture and turned the volume of the stereo up.

Both went to the mall and selected the most expensive rings for each other.
' This will look good on you, I suppose.' said Ayan who was seeing Sara trying one ring after another. Sara replied, ' Yeah, that's okay. Call Shehroze we're off for dinner at Highland Country Club. I'm having butterflies in my stomach."

Ayan agreed and within half an hour, all three of them were there to enjoy their food.
' Hey did you just see what a wannabe Mullah Ahmad has become, always talking about what our religion teaches us and what not, What is right and what is wrong as if we're two year olds who don't know what's happening.' Said Sara in a very sarcastic manner while munching on her fries and all three of them burst out into laughter.

Shehroze replied, ' I know right, Just look at the era we're living in and he still cares about religion and not the society. Who on earth wears a topi burkha these days bruh.'
The next two hours were spent ranting and chatting about different things .

When they paid the bill and were about to leave, Ayan heard his phone ringing for the third time in five minutes. He passed a frustrated expression and answered the phone and shouted at his father, ' Dad why do you keep calling me again and again when i'm with my friends. I told you i'll be late. What is the damn emergency?' to which his father replied, ' Relax son, relax. I just wanted to tell you that...'

Ayan felt his father's voice breaking but he least bothered and shouted again, ' That WHAT?'
' Son..'
Upon hearing the reply, Ayan's feet froze to the ground and he stuck to the place where he was standing and his phone slid through his hand and fell on the floor. He could not sense or feel anything. When he regained his senses in about 10 seconds, he dropped himself on the floor.

Shehroze and Sara came running towards him and answered his phone. Both of them were equally shocked to hear what Ayan had heard and told his father, ' Don't worry uncle, we're coming in an instant.'

Note: So guys, how far did you like the prologue, Any guesses what the news could be?
The first chapter will be uploaded tonight or tomorrow Inshallah. Till then, happy reading. ( Yet to proofread, ignore the errors)

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