Chapter 22:

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It's been a week since we got home from our bucket list world tour and Anya is still hard at work rearranging my bachelor pad into something more... suitable for newlyweds. I've never been one to let girls stay at my apartment long enough for them to leave their stuff behind so it took me some time to get use to the more... feminine elements now littering my home, but the fact that it's my sunshine's personal touch in my life, I quite like the new look. I didn't really bother with personal decorations so my walls were pretty bare aside from some paintings clients gifted me.

I hated leaving Anya alone at home while I'm at work but she assured me she would keep busy and call me if she started feeling anything out of the ordinary. So far things have been good. I'd get up much easier in the mornings, knowing I'd wake up to my beautiful wife's sleeping face... though most days Anya is already up and in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I'd rush through my morning routine and get dressed before following the heavenly aroma of coffee and bacon to the kitchen where Anya was waiting on me. After eating breakfast with my love she'd hand me lunch she prepared for me and kiss me so sweetly before wishing me a good day at work.

There is no point in hiding my happiness overflowing my whole being simply because I woke up to the love of my life and the knowledge that she'll be right there in my apartment when I get home, even with the shit ton of boxes still cluttering the apartment. Which brings me to why I am rushing down the busy city streets, to get back home and encase Anya in my arms before having dinner and settling in to watch a movie with my wife. What greeted me when I entered the door however, was the total opposite.

"Welcome home Demitri!!!" a chorus of high pitched squeals assaulted my ears and effectively scaring me half to death.

Apparently, Leah was a little upset by not having the chance to throw a bachelorette party and decided to invite some friends over and surprise Anya with a 'girl's night' since according to Leah, Anya has been deprived of 'quality time' since we started our trip. I was full ready to kick the gaggling, gossiping gala out of my house, but then Anya looked at me with those big anime pleading eyes... I sighed in defeat, stole a quick kiss from my wife and headed to my man-cave/office to play video games until my home was once again peanut gallery free.

I would have preferred it to come home and find Anya in her comfy clothes – which usually consists of one of my shirts and a pair of tiny shorts – still hard at work unpacking and decorating, walking up to her with a unmovable smile and kissing like I've wanted to do since I left home this morning. But I'm glad Anya is enjoying some time with her friends. Unlike me, she puts in effort into her friendships so I'm not gonna be a needy possessive child begging for attention... I'll wait my turn, and take my sweet time enjoying every little bit of her undivided attention.

A few hours must have past when I finally heard a cluster of goodbyes and little by little the apartment grew quieter until I heard the front door shut in the silence. I quickly tossed the controller carelessly, not wasting time to save and turn off the consol, and headed into the livingroom. I was shocked to find that all the remaining boxes have been unpacked and the contents spread throughout the room. My one sleek leather couch now had our Alaskan quilt we got from Charlotte and Otto draped over the back, my walls are covered in photos – some I recognized from my own belongings that Anya somehow had dug up from storage – and little knick knacks are arranged on every tabletop, shelf and counter. You'd think it'd look cluttered but it looks... like home. I sauntered up behind Anya, lightly ran my hands up her arms while laying feather like kisses to her bare shoulder.

She giggled "hallo to you to Demi" I continued kissing up her neck until she turned around in my arms "the girls helped me unpack. What do you think?"

My arms settled around her waist, absentmindedly swaying us slightly side to side "I like it, it looks... homey. Totally worth the unexpected assault on my ears from your noisy guests" I joked

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