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In a little less than a week we've gotten from 3k to 7.9k reads on HOOLIGANS and not only that, this goddamn book is ranked #10 in the jugheadjones hashtag, #3 in the fangsfogarty hashtag, and #67 in the sweetpea hashtag. it's also #3 in the ghoulies hashtag as well, which absolutely blows me the fuck away.

Thank you so much for reading my writing, it means the world and beyond to me. I do this for you, hearing how much I make y'all happy is insane.

Also, I will be starting a sequel when the 3rd season begins to air, that is a guarantee, so don't worry about that being up in the air. In the meantime I'll be writing tons of bonuses and backstories to hold the FallonPea (and FallonBetty LMAO) stans over.

I love all of you jellybeans so much, you don't even know. Thank you for all you do.

Stay street, stay gold.

~ sinatra røse 🐍

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