Chapter 6

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Sorry guys, idk if I liked my other chapter 6 so I've decided to change it


Tara's POV

Wow I feel literally so horrible this morning. Getting awoken by the terrible repeat of my alarm gave me a massive headache, I just feel my worst today.

Hopefully I can stay home. I wouldn't be able to stand one second of the day at school feeling like this.

I tried getting up as slowly as I could, as I reached standing on two feet my head felt more horrible I started feeling dizzy it's like I had the most painful pounding in my head that couldn't at all be cured.


"WHY? WHAT'S WRONG?!" my mum yelled back sounded like she was getting worried.

She walked into my room looking concerned.

"I just have the most massive headache and it's making me feel horrible," I replied hoping she would let me stay home.

"A headache?!" Mum laughed "well that's not bad enough to let you stay home, c'mon get up, get ready!"

OMG of course she makes me go to school she just doesn't understand how I feel. This headache is so painful not as bad as usual headaches this ones extreme.

Literally falling off my bed I chucked on some clothes and stumbled my way to my car. Lets hope I don't feel like this the whole day.

I reached school finally after that dreadful situation though I still didn't feel so good. I noticed Pariss and Chris straight away and slowly walked up to them.

"Hey are you okay?" Pariss asked sounding confused as to what was wrong.

"Nah not really I have a huge headache and I asked mum if I could stay home but she just thought it was a lame excuse,"

"Aww hope you feel better throughout the day," Chris sweetly announced.

"Aw thank you, I hope I do," I sort of half smiled.


It was just Pariss and I at recess since Chris was no where to be found. I really do wonder where he is. I still have that painful headache I ended up going to the nurse before recess started she gave me some tablets but I don't think they've worked yet.

"OMG Is that Chris?!? Over there with.... with..... HANNA?!?" Pariss pointed out we were both surprised as to what we were looking at.

So Hanna is the schools most popular girl, she's full on perfect she's got the blonde hair, tanned skin, beautiful blue eyes but the thing is she's a rude back stabbing person, and it's surprised me to see Chris with her.

I don't know what to think.

Chris' POV

"So how you liking school? Any girls you like?" Hanna smiled while winking at me.

Do I say I'm dating Tara? Or does that look bad since I just came and I'm dating someone?

"Um yeah I'm dating Tara," I replied.

"Ewww Tara are you serious?! That's like the lowest person!" Hanna laughed "you should date me I'm beautiful and popular,"

"Don't be so rude! and no like I would date you when your the most horrible person,"

"Come on just kiss me at least," Hanna got her lips ready. I backed away a little.

All of a sudden she pulled me onto her and placed her lips onto mine. Straight away I pushed her away.

Tara's POV

OMG did I actually just see that?! he just kissed her OMG I don't know how I feel about this.

I ran my fastest towards them. The only thing on my mind was the fact that someone I really like kiss someone in full sight that I could see.

"WHAT THE HELL?! SERIOUSLY I JUST SAW EVERYTHING THAT JUST HAPPENED HOW COULD YOU?!" I yelled at Chris, I have a waterfall of tears streaming down my face.

"Honestly I can explain what just happened just please listen!!" Chris begged.

"No you don't need to explain when I just saw exactly what just happened, I can't deal with this I've had a bad day today now it's all become worst just don't talk to me,"

I feel like a mess tears just kept coming and coming I feel every single sad emotion there possibly is. I just can't deal with this mess.

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