Chapter 10

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The alarm on the Breeder's phone went off.

People would of passed it by as over sleeping, but he wasn't. He was up and out of school grounds way before the alarm went off. To put it simply.

He didn't sleep at all.

The Breeder pulled his phone out of his pocket, to shut off the alarm. After that was done he put his phone back in his pocket. He had a place to be. The hospital.

He was happy none of the Ultimates don't technically have to go to class. But he knew he would get his ass handed to by Yukizome. But that didn't matter right now.

All that mattered right now to him, is seeing the Mechanic.

He picked up his pace, almost running. It was still a bit dark out, so he wouldn't be spotted that easily without a light. When the hospital reached his view, he ran as fast as his legs could let him.

Class had just started, and everyone was confused that one person hasn't shown up yet.

"Has anyone seen Tanaka?" Chisa asked everyone. Everyone shrugged." His dorm was empty when I checked." Sonia said, in,false confusion. She knew why he was gone, she found a note on his bed addressed to her. She never read the note though.

The Princess held up the note." I just found this in his dorm." Chisa walked over and took the note, she began to read. The Housekeeper covered her mouth in shock as she to the end of the note." O-Oh dear..." Chisa said, as she set down the note and uncovred her mouth.

Everyone in the room had a sad expression on their face, as they lowered their head to look down at the floor." How long will he Kazuichi be in the hospital?" Chisa asked the Princess." For a few weeks." Sonia answered, with a low voice.

The Musician shifted in her seat,at the talk of the hospital. Her eyes full of tears." I-Ibuki? W-what's wrong?" Mikan asked, feeling stupid because she already knows why. The Musician slammed her hands down on the desk." IT'S NOT FAIR! WHY ME!?" Ibuki screamed between sobs. She looked at the sky in anger." WHY!!? FIRST MY MOTHER DIED, THEN MY FATHER'S IN PRISON, NEXT MY BROTHER'S IN THE HOSPITAL, THEN MY STEP MOTHER IS IN THE HOSPITAL AS WELL, DYING NO LESS! AND THE SAME WAY MY MOTHER DID!!!! WHY GOD WHY!! WHY GIVE MY MOTHERS CANCER, WHY MAKE MY FATHER HOMOPHOBIC!? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!?" Ibuki's face contorted with sadness and anger.

Everyone went wide-eyed at the Musician. She never done anything like that before. Everyone quickly went to her side to console her.

"PLEASE BE OKAY KAZUICHI! YOU'RE THE ONLY FAMILY I HAVE LEFT!" Ibuki screamed sobbing harder into her girlfriend's chest.

The Breeder went to the front desk of the hospital's main lobby.

"Um, excuse me ma'am." Gundham said politely, to get the lady's attention. She looked up." Yes, how may I help you young man?" She asked kindly." I was wondering if I could visit someone." Gundham said awkwardly. He wasn't used to talking to people outside his friend group, and mother.

"Of course! Who will you be visiting?" She asked with a soft smile." Kazuichi Souda." Gundham said." Hmmm I don't know if you can." The Nurse said." O-Oh I see..." Gundham said,sadness lacing his voice." But!" The nurse started. The Breeder lifted his head up a bit." I can check in with his doctor to see if it's alright." She said with a smile.

" Okay." Gundham said with a small nod,and walked over to a waiting chair and sat down.

A few minute later the Breeder was called to the front desk." Hello,you must be the one wanting to see Mr. Souda?" The Doctor asked kindly." Yes, I am. Can I see him?" Gundham asked impatiently." Yes you can, he just woke up a few minutes ago." The Doctor said." Thank you." Gundham said and started to walk towords the Mechanic's room.

"Sir! One more thing." The Doctor said gaining the Breeder's attention." Yes?" Gundham asked." The door to Mr. Souda's room is locked." The Doctor said, cutting himself off as he went to get something out of his coat pocket." Here." He said handing a slip of paper to the Breeder." It's the code to Kazuichi's door." He finished as the Breeder took the slip of paper.

"Thank you Mr. Tsumiki." Gundham thanked his friend's father, and walked to the Mechanic's room. As he made his way to the room, the one just before the one he needed to go to, roomed a familiar woman in it. The Breeder looked around to,see if anyone was in sight. When he found no one around, he poked his head into the room.

And there was Mrs. Souda laying there, hooked up to as many or more machines then her biological son. The Breeder spotted a strange green substance in a bag hooked up to one of the machines. Chemotherapy. Gundham thought. All the Breeder could do is pray that she will make it.

But it doesn't look like she will.

The Breeder tried to throw that thought away as he made his way to the next door. He punched in the code for the door. It opened. He heard a groan from the bed, as he saw the Mechanic trying to wake up." Gundy?" Kazuichi said grogaly rubbing his eyes.

"Yes, it is me Mortal Kazuichi." Gundham said sitting in the chair next to the bed, scooting closer to the bed." You skipped school for me? Heh I'm flattered,Gundy." Kazuichi said with a big goffy grin on his face.

The Breeder chucked a bit and blushed." Well.." Gundham started, lookig for what to say." Weeeell?" Kazuichi said with a little smirk on his face." Well, I can't visit a close friend?" Gundham said with false hurt. The Mechanic giggled." You're so silly, Gundy." Kazuichi said, giving the Breeder one if his dorky smiles.

The Breeder blushed a bit." I'm just happy that you are alright, Mortal Kazuichi." Gundham said while taking a hold of the Mechanic's hand. The Mechanic couldn't, but didn't need to turn his head to know what the Breeder just did.

"Gundy, are you alright?" Kazuichi asked, blushing as well." There is something I need to tell you, Kazuichi." Gundham said, blushing harder." What is it,Gundy? You know I'll always listen." Kazuichi said, looking at the Breeder reassuringly.

The Breeder nodded and took both the Mechanic's hands, and took a deep breath.

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