Chapter 14

I was sitting in my room staring at the wall. I didn’t feel like doing homework, I didn’t feel like moving. There was this nagging impending doom I couldn’t shake from my skin. I could hear the soft voices of my parents downstairs, they were talking about Logan. My mother wanted to know if anyone had seen him, when my father said no she expressed hope of maybe he did flee town and we’d never see him again. My father didn’t say it but I knew he believed that wasn’t the case.

I got up from my bed and turned on the TV, I didn’t want to hear their whispers of fear.

As the night went on I eventually did my homework for tomorrow and got ready for bed. I hadn’t seen or heard from Austin since our run in at the school parking lot. It seemed like now our relationship was going back to the old days where we kept our distance. I was glad for that. I really was trying to believe it.

I laid in bed staring at the ceiling in the dark. I couldn’t sleep; maybe I slept too much over the weekend. Whatever it was I was laying there wide awake waiting for the hours to pass and it be tomorrow.

It was some time after midnight when I noticed my window was being opened. I sat up panicked and tried to figure out what I’d do if it was Logan. I could scream and the whole block would come to my rescue. I waited because it could also be Austin. He was after all the only person who used my window as his own personal door.

“What are you doing?” I asked as he placed his feet on the floor.

“Why are you awake?”

I shook my head; it was my room so I had the right to ask questions, not him. “Why are you here?”

He came and sat on the bed. “Shh before your parents hear us.”

“You’re the one breaking in.”

“You left your window unlocked. You secretly wanted me to show up.” he whispered softly as he kept moving closer to me.

I gasped. “No I didn’t. I just forget to lock it yesterday after you ran out of here with your ass on fire.” That was the truth.

“Whatever.” He leaned in and kissed me.

I pulled back away from him, not one to give up he moved closer and kissed me again. We kept doing this until he had me pinned down on my bed. With this kiss he moved his tongue along my mouth at a slow teasing pace. I was easy and gave into him, I didn’t want him to stop no matter how many questions ran through my head.

Moments later he did stop and touched his hand to my cheek. “Look at me, Sydney.”

I did and found his hazel gold eyes above me. He laid half on top of me with his hands along my face and hair. “What are we doing?” I asked.

“Why do we have to figure out?”

“Because barely a week ago we were mortal enemies.” I said with a weak smile. “We’re not supposed to be doing this.”

“No we weren’t supposed to be doing all that fighting. We’ve supposed to been doing this for a long time.” He kissed my cheek and moved down to my neck. “I can’t get you out of my head.”

I couldn’t believe everything he was saying. This couldn’t be real. “You’re not trying hard enough. This is so crazy and I know you’d never say these things unless Logan came after me.” that fact made me sad and I hated it. I wasn’t supposed to be feeling anything either.

“Why does it have to matter how it happened?” he sat up and pulled me with him. “If you really want to talk about this then come with me.”