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1977, 31st October in New York City

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1977, 31st October in New York City.

"Good morning my beautiful children and happy birthday" The Scamander twins were awoken by their stunning and breathtaking mother Tina Goldstein- Scamander, she held a cake in her hands which had 15 candles on the top. Sitting between the children's beds she smiled at her sleepy babies who had just awoken.

"Morning mom!" Artemis said as Esther groaned sleepily making her mother chuckle at the girls grumpiness.

"Cheer up Esther auntie Queenie has a gift for you two and your father will be returning home with some Fantastic news!" Her mother laughed as she watched the two kids eyes light up at the mention of their father returning back to New York.

"Dads coming him?!" She laughed as she told the kids to blow out their candles and to make a wish.

"Oh how you two keep growing up on us all" their mother wiped away a tear as the twins giggled at their mother.

"I hear my niece and nephew are awake in here so I came bearing gifts!" Queenie came barreling into the room with the brightest smile on her face.

"You're such a blessing, both of you!" Artemis laughed as Queenie handed them robes?

"Mom what's these for?" Esther asked.

"Your father can finish what we have started tonight at dinner, get ready for your day Queenie and I are taking you out!" With that the Goldstein sisters left the room as the twins got ready.


"I'm home at last!" Newt Scamander yelled through the door of their flat as he enetered the twins face lit up and they ran towards their dad.

"Dad!" They shouted together making him chuckle and drop his suitcase to his children.

"Hello you lot! Happy birthday" they laughed and sat down when Newt had placed two envelopes in front of the twins.

"Go on then, open em up!" He chirped as he kissed his wife's cheek. The four sat down while the parents watched the twins open their gifts.

"A letter from Albus Dumbledor? Dad who's that?" Artemis asked his father when Esther's eyes went wide.

"We are g-going to hogwarts!?" She shouted in excitement.

"Well my old professor and close friend of mine reached out and asked if you two would like to be transferred from Ilvermorny to Hogwarts as I knew you two didn't really enjoy the school you are at and I spoke to your mother and she said it is doable" he smiled as the twins laughed and cheered.

"But you will obviously be starting a bit late as the year has already started a month ago, if that's alright. Tomorrow we can go take a trip to Diagon Alley to purchase you things and off to Hogwarts you two go!" They all nodded and the twins bid their parents goodnight and headed to bed.

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