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(Y/n) hurried down the steps of her small apartment block's stairwell, a tight fitting space which was almost never occupied. That was enough to make her wonder if anyone else even lived in the shared collection of apartments or if her family and she were the only ones alive.

The casual banter from the neighbours seemed to answer that question, casual not seeming so as small hushed shouts turned to loud booms of language; it didn't bother her, her own family were very much the same. She finally began to descend the last few sets of stairs, careful to not scratch her arm against the rough brick walls that formed the individual apartments. The carpet was an ugly green colour, closely resembling a shade of blue if one had poor eye sight, years of neglect to the facility was evident as heavy dust clouds formed around her scruffy school shoes she wore. That was the only interesting thing to look at however.

She raised an arm forward, her dominant hand of course, as she gave a single hefty push to the main door, allowing the freezing morning air to splash onto her face and blast its winds into the stairwell. She shivered slightly, body beginning to hurry into the cold air as she slipped past the already closing door, to lazy to have to close it once she departed.
She felt the small bodily hairs all over her prickle and stir as she shook with cold. She gripped her bag that rested against her back tightly, hoping that the tighter she grasped, the warmer she'd become. That wasn't happening though. A chilling gale swept the skirt of her summer dress, creating a dance of material around her knees. Winter was obviously there, which caused the girl to groan as the only school uniform she could afford failed helplessly at keeping her warm.

She made her way down the driveway, rather long and rather tight fitting, perfect for a wind tunnel to form in the exact kind of weather she was in. The shivering of her body did nothing to create warmth, causing the girl to run as fast as she could to where sunlight was next available.

Cars screeched in agony as their drivers abused their horns, grazed their tyres and busted their engine – the same old bull shit that happened everyday as people began to complete their daily routine. (Y/n) hurried her pace, turning right once she reached the meeting point of her driveway and the road, lips opening and closing as she mumbled incoherent things to herself and no one else. Her eyes scattered about cautiously as she spoke to herself, fearing that someone was nearby to eavesdrop and judge, she didn't stop checking her parameters ever, consistently looking at her surroundings while looking at her reflection in the windows of all the shops she passed.

She rubbed her hands together as she paused her journey at a traffic light, taping the button 3 times from habit before recoiling to wait. She wasn't talking anymore for people stood beside her, available to listen when unwanted and causing (Y/n) to feel exposed. Instead, she watched the cars as they all seemed to race to their destinations, before the florescent green light switched to the temporary orangey yellow that immediately turned blood red. The small red man vanished and was replaced with the familiar green man, indicating that pedestrians could cross, all the while the constant beating of the light being heard in the background. (Y/n) had no use to listen to that.

She looked both ways instinctively, crossing as she did so. She continued her walk, which by now was right beside the school she had been attending for 3 years, nothing changing as she did so. The school's gate entrance was in view, and this time (Y/n) was zoned out in her own little world of thought, allowing her body to automatically deliver her to her destination.

She lifted her feet to climb the small amount of stairs that cut into the hedge of the schools perimeter, lining the walkway with some shrubs that grew pink flowers but those weren't of (Y/n)'s concerns. In fact, nothing had really been of her concern for quite a long time. So she ignored the minor details and made a direct bee line to the back of the library, climbing the school's unhealthy obsession of steps with no ramps before re-joining the people she had decided to hang around for the past few years she had attended the high school.

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