Chapter 24

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"Knock... Knock..."
I heard a knock on my bedroom door when I was brushing my hair.
I put the brush down and walked towards the door.
I opened it to find Jayden standing there.

It's the morning after our talk and deal. Jayden went to his room after that. I couldn't sleep for some reason. I mean, I was relieved that everything's sorted out with him and that we have come to a common ground but for some reason, I felt restless. It was not until midnight when I finally fell asleep.

"You are ready?" He asked me.
"Ready for what?" I asked him confused.
"You are going to wake up Zack, right?" He asked me.
"Yes." I answered.
"Then, let's do it together! Let's wake up Zack together. He will be really happy to see us both when he wakes up." He said.
"That's true. He will be happy." I said thinking.
"So... You are ready?" He asked me.
"Yeah, I am." I said and got out of my room closing the door behind me.
We both entered Zack's nursery and looked at him.
He is sleeping so peacefully.
I stroked his cheek with the back of my hand.
"Zack, wake up." I said in a low sweet voice.
"Mmm..." Zack made a sound rubbing his eyes.
"Mommy..." He said opening his eyes.
He looked at me and smiled.
"Good morning, Zack." Jayden said and Zack looked at him.
He looked at both of us and his eyes twinkle with happiness.
He jumped to his feet and put one arm around my neck and other around Jayden's and hugged us.
"Good morning!!" He said brightly.
Jayden and I looked at each other and smiled.
I have never seen Zack this happy after waking up. He would smile after looking at me but this happiness... It's the first time I have seen him like this.
"Up we go!!!" Jayden said lifting Zack up in his arms.
"I will give Zack a bath today!!" Jayden said taking him to the bathroom.
"He has to brush his teeth first." I reminded him, laughing looking at the excited father and son duo.
"Oops... Shouldn't forget the teeth." Jayden said and Zack laughed.
"Here you go!" Jayden said putting Zack on the stool. He is too short to reach the basin so he uses a stool.
I took his brush, wet it with water and applied toothpaste on it.
"Give it to me. Today, I will help Zack brush his teeth." Jayden said and I gave the brush to him.
"Zack knows how to brush his teeth by himself. He learned that recently." I said to Jayden.
Jayden looked at me surprised.
"Zack, you know how to brush your teeth?" He asked him.
Zack nodded his head.
"But, today... Daddy will help you brush your teeth!!" Jayden said and Zack smiled.
"Zack!! Say eeee...." Jayden said showing his teeth.
Zack mimicked him.
"First... Circles... Circles... Everywhere..." Jayden sang brushing Zack's teeth.
I smiled looking at him. I never knew Jayden was this cute!!! So, that's the reason Zack loves his dad. Now, I know why a person like madam fell in love with Jayden.
"Let's go... Left... Left... Left... Let's go... Right... Right... Right..." Jayden sang.
"Let's not forget the tongue... Make it clean... Clean... Clean..." He sang making me giggle.
He looked at me in the mirror and I put my hand on my mouth diverting my gaze panicking. Shouldn't have giggled!! Don't want Jayden to get mad at me!! Stupid Julia!!
"Zack look!! Your mommy is laughing. Let's brush your teeth and make it as white as hers and then laugh together!" He said to Zack.
I looked at him shocked. Did he really say that or were my ears ringing??!!! He didn't get mad at me! Wow!! Why is he being such a gentleman today??!! Is this because of our deal? Is he trying to make a happy family for Zack?
"Let's gargle... Gargle... Gargle..." He sang while Zack gargled.
"We brushed your teeth!!! Show it to mommy!!" He said to Zack.
Zack turned and smiled showing his teeth to me.
"Good boy!!! That's my baby!!" I said picking him up in my arms. He smiled brightly.
"Zack!! Let's take a bath!!" Jayden said and opened the water tap to fill the bathtub.
"Zack, before bath what should we do? Empty... our..." I asked him.
"Stomach!" He finished.
"Good!!!" I said kissing his cheeks.

Jayden put Zack in the bathtub.
"Here comes... Mr.Ducky!!!" Jayden said dramatically putting a yellow color duck into the water.
"Quack... Quack..." He made quacking sound of duck while swimming it through the water towards Zack.
Zack laughed.
I too giggled.
"Zack!! Mommy is giggling!! Let's get her wet too!!!" Jayden said to Zack and they started splashing water at me.
"Zack!! Help mommy!!" I said and Zack started splashing water at Jayden while I joined him laughing.
By the time Zack finished his bath, Jayden and I were soaking wet.
Jayden dried Zack with a towel and rubbed his head to dry his hair.
"What will Zack wear today?" I said running my fingers through his clothes in the cupboard.
"This one!!" I said taking out a shirt and pant and hung it in the air.
Jayden dressed up Zack.
"Julia, I think you should get changed." Jayden said to me."
"Yeah. You too." I said to him and we both started laughing.
I hurried to my room leaving Zack to Jayden.
I quickly got changed into shorts and a top.
I came out and saw Jayden standing there with Zack in his arms. He too had changed his clothes.
"Let's go for breakfast." He said to me.
"Breakfast!!" Zack said smiling.
I smiled nodding.
We all walked downstairs.

Sally looked at us when we entered the dining room. She smiled and came towards us.
"My Zack looks so happy! Let me see!" She said taking him in her arms and kissing his cheeks while Zack laughed.
"Sorry for how I am acting since morning." Jayden apologized to me.
"Why are you apologizing? You didn't do anything wrong and we had a deal of presenting a happy family to Zack." I said and smiled.
"I know but it must be weird for you. Actually, this is how his mornings were before." He said looking at Zack who was smiling at Sally while she was saying something to him.
"You and your wife?" I asked him.
"Yeah. I thought that he will be happy if he got his usual morning back so..." He said and sighed.
"Doesn't that hurt you?" I asked little worried. He loves his wife so much and doing this must have made him remember her. Plus he gave her role to me here so it must have hurt a lot.
"It does. But, this pain is nothing compared to that smile." He said and smiled still looking at Zack.
"Daddy!!" Zack said running towards him and he lifts him up in his arms.
"Let's go and sit while Sally lays out the food." He said and Zack nodded his head smiling brightly.
Zack does look happier than he usually is. But, thinking about how all this is hurting Jayden... It makes my heart ache too.
I shook my head.
Julia!! Focus!! This is for Zack! And he is important right now!!
I went to help Sally while Jayden took his seat with Zack on his lap.
"Zack, come. Sit in your chair." I said.
"No. Today Zack will eat with me." Jayden said.
"Right, Zack?" He said to Zack.
"Right!" Zack answered smiling.
"Ok." I said lifting my hands in surrender.
I smiled looking at them. Jayden was eating and feeding Zack food who was still sitting on his lap.
They are so cute when they are smiling. Today I don't feel like an outsider with them but as part of their family.
"Zack." Jayden said and Zack looked at him.
He gave him some sort of signal and Zack nodded his head.
"Mommy!!" Zack said and opened his mouth.
I smiled and gave him a bite of my food from my spoon.
He smiled chewing.

"Zack, say bye to daddy!" I said standing with him in my arms at the door while Jayden stood beside his car.
"Daddy, bye!!!" Zack said waving his hand.
Jayden thought for a second and came towards us. I looked at him confused.
"Zack, how about I stay at home and we play all day along with your mommy?" He asked Zack.
Zack's eyes twinkled and he looked at me with a bright smile.
"Zack, mommy, daddy, play!!!" He said clapping his hands and smiling brightly.
Jayden took him in his arms and kissed his cheeks.
"Zack, let's race to the playroom!" He said and Zack nodded.
He put him down to his feet.
"One... Two... Three... Go!!!" Jayden said and they both ran towards the playroom. Jayden was trying to match with Zack's pace.
I smiled looking at them.
The day started off so well that I can't stop smiling. This is just like a dream. A dream that I always wanted to live. I always thought of a happy family like this and today I got to live it in reality. Is this really happening or am I dreaming?! If it's a dream then don't wake me up! I want to live this day to the fullest.

Omg!!! That is one amazing day!! And it has just started!!😍😍 Jayden is gonna stay at home and play with Zack plus he is acting like a family with Julia!! He is calling Julia as Zack's mommy when he never did that till now!!
Are you beginning to like the cute Jayden or not?😉😉
There is a lot more to come because behind that rude exterior, a soft-hearted cute Jayden resides 😉😉
Let's see how their day goes in the next chapter!😉😍
I wanted to tell you guys that there are many more stories coming after this one. I have a lot of stories in my mind that I will write one by one and you are gonna love them so if you don't want to miss them then follow me on wattpad and Instagram (I will post whenever I start any new story, username same as wattpad).
Don't worry, this story is not ending soon.😂 There is a lot to look forward to 😉

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