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Few days later:

The stallion unicorn sat in a rocking chair holding the little filly and feeding her a bottle.  [Taken]

A small black and yellow colt hurried over and tipped his head.He had spiky grey mane and tail.

Danger- “What you going to call her?” He asked him curious.

Arctic- “I'm not sure yet Danger. What should we call her?”

Danger- “Well she looks like she is sweet as sugar.”

Arctic- “how about Sugarcandy?”

Danger- “Hmmm Sugarhooves?”

Arctic- “Sugarpaw?”

Both- “THAT'S IT!”

They smiled at each other.

Arctic- "welcome to our foster family Sugarpaw.”

The stallion named Arctic Star  smiled as Sugarpaw went to sleep in his arms.

Danger- “Think she will be adopted?”

Arctic- “I hope so. She's adorable either way. Now why don't you go play?”

Danger- “Okay!!”

He hurried off.

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