Best Friend

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I shrugged, "Brat will just have to buy me a new shirt."

He chuckled under his breath, "That's my girl."

As we were walking out of the white living room and down the hallway that led to the exit, I grabbed my black leather jacket from the Entrance Closet.

* At the Base *

When we were done with jumping off of the train, we walked towards the entrance, hand-in-hand. We let go when we had to jump into the Pit. Once I got off of the net, he got off also. When all of that was finished, we walked to the familiar doors. Opening the doors, the chit chat got louder.

Some looked up to see who entered while others just ignored us to continue their conversations. We walked over to the Leaders Table. I sat beside my old best friend, Eric Coulter: The most ruthless Dauntless leader you've ever met.

"Morning, Brats." I giggled at the leaders that surrounded me.

"Fuck off."

"Shut up."

"I hate you."

"Morning, (L/N)." Eric finished the replies.

I smiled over at the monotone man.

"Come on, how can you be so cheerful in the mornings?" Victor asked me, glaring lightly, "What do you do to her in the mornings, Leo? Sex?"

Leo grinned, shrugging, "Nope. I wish. I just have to wake her beautiful self up."

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders, bringing my body closer to his warm one. All of a sudden, Eric got up from his seat next to me.

"Where are you going, Eric?" I asked, noticing that he hadn't eaten all of his breakfast.

I stared up at the man. He only glared back down at me for a second before walking away, ignoring me like I was a ghost. I looked back at the leaders in front of me. I winced a bit when he slammed the doors shut; that caught everyone's attention.

"What's up with him?": I asked them.

I looked up at a smirking Leo. When he looked back down, he erased the smirk from his slick face. Huh?

Suddenly, he looked concerned also, "I don't know, Cutie."

I looked around at the people near us, tilting my head in confusion. They either looked away or shrugged at the strong male's behavior.

"What are you guys hiding?" I questioned.

"Is Eric okay?" I asked.

I brushed off Leo's arm to rise from my seat, "What is wrong with Eric? Did something happen to him, you brats?"

"(Y/N), baby, sit down." Leo ordered me.

Shaking my head, I moved my wrist away from his grasp.

I took a step back from the table, "Guys."

Victor sighed, "Go and see."

And I did that. I did just as he told me to. I ran out of the cafeteria, towards my best friend. Eric and I have been friends since we both came here, actually. When we were both newbies, we had ran into each other multiple times for either fighting, or because I use to challenge him.

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