Thoughts and wolves

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"Okay, Now you both have to wear each others clothes until each has been worn at least once. No modifying, No switching every couple hours , no shopping for other ones. One outfit, per day, as is, until they run out." Alice gasped. Jasper looked fearfully at Alic'es bags. Hahaha. There were plenty of cocktail dresses there. I laughed as they glanced at each other. Otherwise you both have to let me pick out your outfits for the next 3 months." I laughed evilly. They glared at me. "We will get you back for this, Emmett. We will." They said together.

ROUND 2!!!!!

Alice's POV

This is one time THE ONE TIME that I regret buying so many clothes. I know it's crazy, me Alice Cullen saying she bought too many clothes! But I mean I have to wear Jasper's clothes for the next 2 months! And poor Jazzy! If only I had cheated and looked ahead...I would have made sure we would be okay! But noooo I was trying to be a good little vampire. Well actually Jasper made me not look. So technically it's his fault. Oh this is gonna be awkward later tonight....wearing each others clothes. Hmm... (*cough cough*)...Sorry edward....:) (A/N that was all what was going through Alice's head after Emmett announced her dare)

Jasper's POV

I. was. gonna. KILL. Emmett. Or maybe I'll adopt a baby and tell Rosalie to kill him for it... that may work... I can't believe Alice didn't see this coming! I told her not to look, sure, but I didn't think she'd listen! So this is really all her fault! It is! Oh dear this is gonna be awkward tonight..with all the ripping clothes off..... greattt. (cough cough) shut up edward. Wait alice is tiny how will i fit into her clothes! oh noooooooooooo (A/N all going through jaspers mind.)

Nessie's POV

I was cracking up when I smelled him. Jacob. and the rest of the pack. " The wolves are here" I yelled jumping up. I blocked my thoughts from daddy. The wolves came in... with...what the hell!?


Okay this is pretty much what alice and jasper were thinking of emmetts dare. of course the wolves come with a surprise. im sorry i know this sucks but i have a family reunion today so i cant stay on for long. Ill write soon soon as i figure out what the surprise is.......... :) alright gotta get ready. save me!

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