Chapter 2

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(Keith's POV)

"Well, this is going to take awhile."

\\Flashback to 5 months ago//

It was a sunny day. I had my ear buds in. I was walking down the street after a lesson. I was learning about oceans in college that day. I pasted a Starbucks. 

"They have new iced coffee? Cool" I shrug and pull out my ear buds. I walk in and wait in line. I never studied famous people. I hated them. I say that because the TV was playing. They were talking about some guy who called himself "Lover boy" 'what a bad name' I let a smile creep on my face. I didn't study his face. All I saw was his name and how he was in town. 'It's probably nothing' I was staring at the TV. Then I see it's my turn to order.

"I'll take a black coffee." 

"Ok sir, I'll need your name, and number" she winked at me

"My names Keith" I roll my eyes and give her a face that's says 'leave me be'

"That'll be $10" she sighs. I go through my bag looking for my wallet and sigh a heavy sigh. My beanie falls I go to pick it up

"He'll also take a blueberry Farppechino" (hopefully that's how you spell that) this tall guy stands behind me (Lance) I feel my face heat up.

"I need your name sir"

"Lance" he picks my beanie up and hands it to me

"That'll be $20" she blushes hardcore at this "Lance" guy. I roll my eyes as he hands her the money. He was wearing sunglasses and a hat sideways. I don't know why...

"Come here mullet" he pulls me by the cuff of me leather jacket. "Names Lance"

"Keith" we shake hands. We talked for the next 2 minutes as we waited for our coffee.

"Why'd you pay for me?" 

"Well, one, I felt bad. Two, you were holding up the line. Three, you looked so upset when you realized you lost your money, it was kinda cute" he numbers the things with his fingers. The last few words got quiet, so I couldn't quite hear him. (hopefully I spelt that right, it's 9:51 at night lol)

"What's that, freckles? I couldn't hear ya?" We play flirt for the next minute. 

"Number 27, your coffees done!" She rings a bell. Lance checks our card and heads over there. She giggles like a little school girl from sailor moon. He points finger guns and smiled. She rolled her eyes playfully. For some reason that made me mad...

"Ok mullet, were do you wanna sit?" He holds our coffee and smiles

"Over here, it's away from the TV.." I point to a seat right by the big window on the other side of the room. When you enter, there's glass surrounding the whole building. We lived in New York that explains the glass. The building was in a V shape. One side had a TV and a couch with a buch of girls giggling.. The other side was nice and quiet with other emos like me. The coffee making part was in the middle it had two chashiers and a pick up station on each side. The tables on our side were mostly for two people. The other side had family's and/or school study groups. The other side was too loud.

"Ok sure. I mean like Hamilton's playing"  Lance places out coffee on the table and some other brown bag. 

"Hamilton!?" I perk up like a cat. I was already sitting when Lance said that. 

"Yep, dork" he ruffles my ink black bangs and hands me my beanie wich I had dropped again.

"Whatever" I roll my eyes as Lance sips his coffee he looked deep in thought as he looked at his phone. My head was down as he was talking. I was trying hide blush from Lance. 

"Mullet" Lance hands me the drown bag "here" I perk up agian hoping my face wasn't like a tomato. For some reason Lance took off his sunglasses. His blue eyes made me feel warm inside. Like I've meet him before. 

I open the bag. Inside was a purple, red, and blue doughnuts. The purple one had blue and red sprinkles.  I give him a smile and I start to chuckle. He stares at me and blushes 

"Th-thanks for the doughnuts freckles" I close the bag and pack it into my backpack. Lance hands me some money

"Here's the change." He gets up "here's my number mullet" he winks and walks out the door. Helpless ends, It was playing on the radio. I put my hand on my mouth as I felt like rolling up on the floor. I go to pull my beanie down over my eyes.  

"M-my beanie?!" I look at the paper Lance gave me 'I took your beanie, mullet! Here's my number ;) 7xx-xxx-xxxx' I groan and pick up the bag, the paper, and my unfinished coffee. I walk out side the Starbucks. I put my ear buds back in. I put on 'Panic! At The Disco' I continue to walk down the street as Pidge pated my shoulder

//End of flashback\\

"That's the whole story" I sigh at Adam and Shiro who had eaten 3 bags of popcorn and had HUGE smirks on their faces, I cringe and walk away. 

Word count:898

End of chapter 

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