Chapter 40

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Nelson still had a goofy smile.

Ah, damn it, Cris... why did you have to shout that?

Despite his embarrassment, he didn't dislike what his manager screamed.

Doing something like that is so him... It's too cute...

The swimmer glanced at the other competitors by his side.

Despite not staring at him blatantly, he could tell they were looking in his direction. Not only them. All the people who had heard what his boyfriend had screamed.

Now they're giving me funny looks, he thought, blushing a little. Probably complaining about my 'girlfriend' who barge in the men's locker room.

Suddenly Nelson shook his head.

Wait, I can't be thinking about that kind of thing right now. I just promised Cris that I'd focus on the competition.

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, putting anything that had nothing to do with the tournament aside.

When his head was clear, Nelson walked towards the third starting block. But he didn't climb the little steps to stand on it. The swimmer stood where he was, waiting for the announcer say his name to the people that came to watch.

As he waited, the other swimmers stood on their respective starting block.

Nelson looked around. He was the only one who wasn't on the starting block. Only then he realized.

They don't announce each swimmer by name here, he thought with a sheepish smile and his cheeks a shade of pink.

Ignoring the odd glances he received from the other competitors, Nelson climbed the little stairs and stood on the starting block with his head down.

He could only see his feet and a little of the water.

Still in that way, Nelson took a deep breath. Then he raised his head slowly.

When he saw the view, he couldn't stop smiling.

This... how much I missed this view, he shouted in his heart.

To most people, and perhaps even most swimmers, what Nelson was seeing right now nothing special.

It was simply the view of the pool from a little higher platform.

But to Nelson, it was the best view in the world.

From there, he could see the entire pool from a different angle.

He could see the other side of the pool and focused on his lane.

His goal was to get there faster than anyone else. And then get back to where he was.

Yes... this is where I belong, he thought.

With a smile of someone who couldn't wait, he bent his back and touched the concrete starting block with the tip of his fingers.

And then, as he waited for the whistle to blow, everything and everyone around him went mute.

Nelson could only hear himself now.

His breathing. His heart thumping rhythmically.

He could feel the cold sweat running down his spine.

He could feel his blood rushing through his veins.

There was only him in the world.

There was no tournament.

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