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I was walking around in the woods, I kinda am getting tired here.

Have tired to find Kristen in this horrible nightmare of mine, just to be clear I don't even know I got here.

I heard the leaves rustling, and I looked in the direction of where the sound was coming from, from where I was standing I could see Kristen running.

She's being attacked by a pack of wolves, I ran and ran, I noticed a stone with a symbol. I ran past it and got to where Kristen was.

"Kristen"I yelled but she couldn't hear me, she was scared, I could hear her heartbeat moving really fast

I know she's scared of spiders but her heart doesn't beat like this when she sees one.

I walked to her and  tried to touch her but my hand just went through her.

"What's going on" I whispered while looking at my hands.

Kristen ran past me and the wolves followed, I noticed one of the wolves flashed his red eyes at my direction before running, oh no can he see me.

"What am I gonna do?" I asked myself

"You see darling, you can't save your friends in a vision but you can save them from a vision" a voice said oh am guessing I said that too but with my mouth shut.

"I don't get your point?, and who are you" I asked, I mean you can't  be me

"But I am you sweetie" the voice said "you see the only way you can save Kristen is to remember the markings" the voice said

"What markings?" I asked but no reply

"Seriously can't you just tell me anytime you wanna leave, you know what if we are in trouble and I ask you a question to save us and you don't reply, then  start picking your funeral outfit" I cussed angrily.

Now what do I do next.

Eva's pov

We arrived at the hospital early and Holland was put in the emergency room.

A doctor went in to attend to her, Lord please save her.

The doctor came out, "are you her mother?" He asked

"Yes" I replied shaking

"Ma'am I don't know what's wrong with your daughter, all I know is she isn't dead, none of our technology is working, I tried  to test her but her brain is transmitting some sort of brain waves that even our machine can't scribble through." He explained,

Am I must say he's pretty disappointed in himself, it's okay son, I wished I had a tissue to give him , it's like he wants to cry

"I recommend you to take her somewhere else" he sighed and walked away throwing his gloves in the trash.

I pinched the bridge of my nose to stop myself from crying.

This is all too much for me to bear.

A doctor came by and tapped my shoulders

"I know you don't to know me but I know exactly what's going on and I might be able to help you" he smirked

There's something funny about this doctor, one of his eye is pure red while the other is blue. Maybe it's just some contact lenses.  He opened the emergency room door and walked in and I followed.

Contact lens??? How stupid is she???
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