A few weeks had passed and well me and Justin weren't getting along all that much, We knew we had a lot to talk about but I knew he wanted other girls, and honestly. I didn't mind that much.

He walked into my living room and sat down, without giving me a hug or anything. The reason I was mad, was I knew he cheated on me, with Dhalia Thomson, The school slut and head cheerleader.

I hated her before and hate her now. He looked at his phone and just stared at it.

"So you won't even look at me now?" I asked. "You wanted me here, so I'm being a good boyfriend and showing up." He said while texting on his phone.

"Stop texting friggen Dhalia for two seconds and look at me and talk to me, that's what a good boyfriend would do!" I yelled.

Luckily Ryinn wasn't home, I didn't tell him about the picture that Jess sent me. It was of Justin kissing Dhalia, who was her older sister, But from what I know, Justin and Dhalia kissing, wasn't all they did.

"What do you want me to say to you, and no I'm not texting her, so you're wrong" He said standing up from the couch and walking to the door. "Id rather be wrong than be like you." I say.

"What's that supposed to mean? He asks. "You're a Liar and a cheater, I know about you and Dhalia, If you want her, go for her, C-cause I'm done." I said not screaming, but for some reason, I felt pain I was letting him go.

"We're done." I say not even above a whisper. I stare at the floor before looking to see his expression. The dirty skank won him. She was can claim her prize

"How'd you find out?" He asked now facing me. "I have my sources." I told him. He was slowly walking towards me and I felt awkward. He was so intimidating- I knew he'd never hurt me. "And I have mine, but I- girls don't dump me, I dump girls." He said about a foot away from me.

"Wow and you're proud of that?" I ask walking past him and up the stairs. "You know where the door is, let yourself out will ya?" I said before closing my bedroom door.

I felt like because of me, Ryinn could've just lost his best friend. But then I realized because of Justin's actions, He lost his girlfriend, and best friends.


"Are you sure you're okay, you don't seem it, and I'm surprised Justin's not here, where is he?" Ryinn asked.

So many question, and so many different answers for all. "Yeah, I know sorry, I'm not, and we broke up, you all caught up? Good! Now, I'm going over to Jess' house I'll be back by nine." I said grabbing my sweatshirt.

"Hey I own this house I'll tell you when to be back by." Ryinn said trying to act tough. "Which is?" I said pulling the sleeves up to my elbows. "Nine." he said. We both just laughed.

While walking to Jess' all I could think of is when me and Justin had sex. We had done that about three times. But guess what I was really going over to Jess to take a pregnancy test to know if I'm pregnant. Justin won't care if I was. So I don't plan on telling him If I am.

When I arrived to Jess' house I knocked and her brother answered the door. "Hey babe." Myles said with a wink and flipping his hair to the side. "Hey Meat head." I said messing up his hair. I ran upstairs and ran into Jess' room.

"Did you get the test?" She said sitting up from her bed and throwing a magazine. "Yes, now I'm gonna take it, make sure no one comes in." I said walking to her bathroom, it was only me and her so I didn't shut the door cause she continued to read the magazine.

It was five minutes later when Jess finally asked if I was okay. I didn't respond because I was looking at the pregnancy test, with teary eyes, and my hand covering my mouth with my back leaning on the toilet. I was shocked.

"Hey Nic, are you okay?" She asked. I didn't answer I was to busy looking at a pregnancy test that had a pink plus sign on it.

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