The mountain comes closer

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Meanwhile in camp, it already got dark and obviously avoiding the whole having sex with Bellamy to spite Finn, which wasn’t one of her greatest decisions, she would admit, Raven went to talk to Murphy who was on watch duty. “Hey, what’s up?” he asked her and she looked around making sure that there were no one close to listen to their conversation and still she made sure to speak only loud enough so he could hear. “Clarke and Finn were captured and will probably only come back tomorrow.” She said to him and he nodded.

“Yeah, I know that.” He said and she sighed. “Last time, we went searching for them and that’s how Monty gets captured. We need to make that happen again so we need to go out there like we did last time.” She said to him and he took a deep breath. “Okay, you go do that and I will make sure that no one else leaves here.” He said to her and she nodded. “First, I need to do something else but keep watch, especially on Wells and Charlotte.” She said to him and he nodded. “You got it.” He said and she hugged him before moving through camp until she got to the drop ship where Monty was working on what they found at the crash site.

“I found some good antenna wires for the radios. This guy was using to fix his bed. You find anything else from the Exodus ship wreckage?” she said to the younger boy. “Yeah, data log. Want to hear something weird?” he said and a radio static started and Raven knew that it was the Mountain Men who jammed the signal and caused the crash but she kept her mouth hut on that. “Sounds like interference.” She said. “Wait. It gets weirder. When the signal hit, their navigational system went nuts. They never got it back and boom. It’s like something was jamming the signal.” He said and she nodded, yeah, a bunch of bone marrow stealing monsters kind of something.

“That is weird and it also makes no sense whatsoever.” She said to him playing innocent. “Pull the drive-in speakers.” She said to him. “You want to strip it? We’ll never find out where they crashed.” He said to her and she nodded. “We need every component we can get our hands on if we’re gonna make walkies and I need the radio.” She said moving to it and he stopped her once again. “No way. How are we supposed to contact the Ark?” he asked. “The Ark already made contact with Clarke and told her that they will be coming down tomorrow. We need this. Relax.” She said to him.
“My family is up there. What if our connection ends? This is the only way we could try to talk to them again.” He said and she sighed. “I know, Monty. The Griffins are like my family too but they are coming down soon enough and we need the walkies right now. We can survive not talking to them for a day or two.” She said and turned it off when there was noise outside and she went out to check if it was what she was thinking and she saw the hunters getting back but no sign of Clarke and Finn. She looked at Murphy who nodded and she nodded back soon enough they would be leaving soon and she needed to finish the walkies so she entered the drop ship again and got to work.

Back with Clarke, after about 2 hours, Clarke had stopped giving her blood and changed places with Finn who volunteered to help so she wouldn’t get too weak and she didn’t protest him. She didn’t need to lose her strength now, she would need all of it until she was inside Mount Weather. In the meantime, she just waited for the young girl to get better. “What was she doing on the bridge?” she asked Anya who looked at her. “She was with me, she is my second.” She said and Clarke nodded.

“A second? Is that like an apprentice? Someone you teach what you know to so they will do the same work and so on?” she asked and the woman nodded. “It is how we train them to be warriors, healers, farmers.” Anya said agreeing and Clarke took a deep breath before she asked this question that was going around in her head since she came here. “Is she the first second you had?” she asked trying to sound only curious and not desperate and Anya looked at her searching for something that she didn’t find apparently.

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