It goes kaboom

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It was already dark when Bellamy and Finn came to Raven’s tent. “So the bomb, if we go now, we should be able to reach the bridge in time, just like you said.” Bellamy said to her and she could see he was getting sick, he was looking pale and she was started to feel it as well but she nodded. “Yes, when it comes to planting it all you need to do is put the gunpowder around it and shoot straight.” She said explaining to them. “That’s the rest of our gunpowder. We won’t be able to make any more bullets.” Bellamy said to her and she nodded crossing her arms.

“Tonight, we need a bomb. We can worry about bullets tomorrow.” Finn said to him as they looked at Bellamy. “If we do this and it doesn’t work, we will all be dead tomorrow.” Bellamy said looking at Finn. “Then, we make sure it works. To be safe, you need to be at least two hundred feet away to make the shot.” Raven said to Bellamy and he nodded. “No problem. Which one of you plants the bomb?” he asked. “I will. I make things go boom.” Raven said. “I’ll help you.” Finn said and she nodded. She was going to need help anyway.

“You won’t pick up a gun but blowing people up, that, you’re okay with?” Bellamy asked Finn and Raven shuddered remembered what happened when Finn did pick up a gun. 18 innocent people massacred. She is so not letting that happen again, she loved Finn and she always will but now she can see that what he did was horrible and the fact that Lexa asked for only his life in return was more merciful than what his actions deserved but this time there will be no massacre, no Finn dying, not if she has a say in it.

“We’re blowing up a bridge. There won’t be any people on it.” Finn said and Raven thought to herself, yes there will. Jasper will have to take the shot and she was quiet sure he wouldn’t hit it the first time but she stayed quiet, they didn’t need to know that. “Finn, we have one bomb. We need to use it to kill as many of those bastards as possible.” Bellamy said it as she watched. “They don’t know we only have one bomb. If we did, why waste it on a bridge? I’m talking about deterrence. Peace through strength.” Finn said to them.

“Appearance of strength is more like it.” She said to them and Finn nodded. “The man who made the A-bomb thought they were peacemakers too. How did that work out for them?” Bellamy said as his nose started bleeding and by the look on Finn’s face, Bellamy noticed it and wiped it. “Don’t touch anything and go straight to the drop ship. Finn, take him.” Raven said, Bellamy tried to protest it. “You need help, accept it. Finn, go. I will wait for you.” She said and the boy helped Bellamy walk out and she went out too and watched him help Bellamy fell down and two boys came to help carry him and Finn walked back towards her.

“Who else can take the shot?” he asked her and she sighed. “There are only two people but with Clarke sick, Murphy is out and now so is Bellamy. I guess there is only one other person I can think of that can do it.” She said looking at him before looking at the bonfire. “Jasper, Monty come here.” She called out to them and the boys looked at her. “How sure of this are you?” Finn asked as they came. “Hey, Raven. What’s up?” Monty asked her. “Bellamy is sick and we need someone to shoot the bomb and despite the disaster you caused, I know you can do it, Jasper.” She said to him and he was shocked.

“Me? But Clarke said…” he was saying but she nodded interrupting. “Yeah, I know that Clarke doesn’t want you doing stuff like this but we are out of options and we need to be on our way in ten. Can you or can you not do it?” she asked seriously and he nodded. “I can.” He said firmly and Monty squeezed his shoulders. “Okay, both of you get ready. Monty, you’re coming as moral support. Now get a weapon and meet us here.” She said to them and the boys nodded leaving. “Raven, what if he doesn’t make it?” Finn asked and she looked at him. “He will.” She said before going back inside the tent and he followed her in and soon enough the four friends left to accomplish their mission.

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