The bomb is ready

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Clarke could feel herself getting a little weak so she knew she had caught the virus but that, like before, didn’t stop her from working here and there for the rest of the night. She stayed clear from Charlotte and Wells choosing to spend the night in the dropship and with Murphy and Raven on it, the two of them were able to keep the young girl away from her. When she woke up the next day, she could feel the symptoms clearer now that she knew what to look for but she continued working until late in the morning.

Weirdly or not, Murphy was okay, somehow he was immune to the virus this time but they both knew this could’ve happened. Clarke tried to stay clear of Raven hoping she could avoid infecting the girl for a little longer than last time though she wasn’t sure it would work at all but when she started feeling the blood drop from her eyes and the cries of her name, she knew they started a countdown. She wiped her eyes and went to the source of the yell, she found Connor and Derek already spilling blood as everyone started pulling away from the boys.

“What is happening? It won’t stop.” The dark boy said and she nodded. “I know. Come on.” She grabbed one of his arms and started helping him. Raven came out of her tent and looked at Clarke who nodded at her and she nodded back before getting back inside. She passed by and saw Murphy by the dropship door with Derek who could barely hold himself up and she motioned for him to go inside and they did just in time to see Dax spitting blood. She put Connor down and went to the boy’s side.
“Dax, tell me how did you escape from the grounders?” she asked him and he turned to her. “I didn’t. They forgot to lock the cage and no one was there so I just ran as fast as I could. What else was I supposed to do? Stay there and wait for them to return? To start beating me up again? No way.” He said to her and she sighed at him. “They didn’t forget to lock your door, you idiot. They let you go.” She said to him just as Bellamy came inside. “Bellamy, stay back. Do not come closer.” She said to him and he was shocked by how sick she looked.
“Did he do something to you?” he asked her and she shook her head. “What the hell is this?” he asked her and she sighed. “Retaliation in the form of biological warfare. Dax is the weapon. It must be some kind of virus.” She said to him and grabbed a rag and put it on his forehead. “Is this your revenge? Helping the grounder kill us all?” Bellamy asked the guy angrily. “He didn’t know about it. It’s not like they announced it. They tricked him and he did exactly what they wanted.” Murphy said to him and Clarke nodded.

“Dax, think. Is there anything you can tell us that can be useful? Did you see anything? Hear anything?” she asked the guy but he shook his head. “Start speaking.” Bellamy said moving forward. “Stop. Whatever it is spreads through contact so you need to stay away.” She said as Finn came inside. “Clarke.” He said as he came to stand beside Bellamy. “Finn, you shouldn’t be here.” She said. “I heard you were sick.” He said and she looked at Murphy. “Stop anyone else from coming in, please.” She said to him and he nodded going outside. “Clarke, what is this?” Finn asked her and she sighed. “I don’t know for sure. Some kind of hemorrhagic fever. We need to contain before…” she was saying when Derek started coughing and shaking violently.

She stood up to go to him and Finn grabbed her but she pulled away before he could. “Don’t touch me, you can get sick, wash your hand with alcohol, now.” She said to him as she went to the boy who was spilling blood. “What the hell is happening to him?” Finn asked her confused. “His immune system is not strong enough to fight the virus.” She said and she kneeled down as he stopped shaking and checked his pulse. “Is he?” Bellamy asked her and she nodded. “He’s dead.” She said to him as Finn washed his hands and looked at her.
“What do we do now?” he asked and she stood up. “Quarantine, gather everyone who had contact with Dax and bring them here. Avoid contact with anyone.” She said to them and Finn moved out to do it. “And everyone they had contact with?” Bellamy asked her and she scoffed. “We’ve got start somewhere, any better ideas, Dr. Blake?” she said sarcastically and turned to Connor. “Who was with you when you found him, Connor?” she asked knowing the answer. “The one who found him was Octavia.” He said with difficulty and all Clarke saw was Bellamy leaving the dropship, just as the first people started coming in.

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