Chapter 18 (The Plan)

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Your POV~~~

My palms started to sweat as I reached the door of the cafe. I knew Jungkook was already here because I was 5 minutes late. I didn't get late on purpose, it's just I couldn't muster enough courage to go and talk to the person who tried to destroy Tae's life.

I put all of my thoughts aside and look at the positives of everything. I went in and he saw me, it is good because now I can't run away even if I want.

I went close so he stood up and pulled a chair for me. Sitting down there in a serious aura made my little bit of confidence to vanish as well. As he ordered drinks I tried to find the right words. "So what's up (Y/N)?" He asked after ordering. I literally wanted to say 'sky' but prevented to do so.

"Nothing much, I just want to talk to you about something..." He had a large smile on his face. Ugh! That idiot thinks I will confess to him. Like how does he even get such ideas?

"Okayyy... We can talk." He said expecting me to say what I want. "No, not here, can we go to that park from last time?" I said because I don't think whether I would create a scene while talking to him, so it's better to have no people around.

His grin lessens as he remembered my cruel rejection but then he again smiled as if he thought I am going to confess. I would feel so bad breaking his heart again.

"No prob. Should we go there now?" I just nodded at the question. Then we both started to head out when we had finished our drinks. I was getting more and more lost in my thoughts with each step we took, so I started a small conversation about hobbies.

Great! Now he thinks I am so in love that I am asking about his hobbies!

Finally, we reached the park and went to the same bench near the lake and sat. "Jungkook I have something to tell and something to ask." "Okay let's start with telling." He said beaming with happiness. God that'll be cruel.

"Iknowthetruth," I said quickly. It took him a few seconds to understand what I said. "What truth?" He asked hesitantly. "The truth you are hiding from BTS." He just laughed uncertainly. "Oh come on (Y/N)! I accept I ate Jin hyung's cake and broke his chopsticks as well."

I looked at him with complete seriousness "About Taehyung..." This made his fake laugh stop and he looked at me with shock and fear. "I-i-i..." He stumbled with the words. "Now shut up and listen to me," I said getting a bit angry.

"I know Kook that you like me. I also like you, but the problem is that I always looked at you like my small brother as you are 1-year younger then me, if you don't know." He started to speak but I made him quite by a hand gesture.

"You are quite immature right now. You thought your obsession towards me as your love. Jungkook love is not like this. In love, you feel happy in others happiness rather than trying to snatch and keep that person for you."

"I know you love all your hyungs even Tae, but your obsession came in front of you and you became blind from right and wrong. You did some very bad stuff, just to have me as yours. I am disappointed but I will still forgive once you ask for forgiveness from the depth of your heart."

"Jungkook you mistook your obsession for love. You do NOT love me. Even I see you as my brother, so can we please be friends? Let the fate do its job and find you the right one. Believe me when you find her you would forget about me."

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