Chapter 1

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I was running through the woods, something was chasing me but I had no clue what he was he had a human body but he didn't seem human AT ALL. He had bright red eyes with white pale skin and wore this dark,mysterious clothing.

"Get off me!!!!" I screamed as he lanched his cold, lifeless body on top of me, "What do you want with me?"

"what do i want with you...hum......let me think.....suck the life out of your body till your dead

I started struggling trying to get out of his hold but he was way to strong for her likings,she was so frightened by him, he was soo close his breath brushed her face.

"ugh" I muttered as she try to get free

"No trying to break free now" he said happily

He's enjoying me trying to break free I thought

"Let me go!! Please!" I begged

"No" he said obviously enjoying my plead.

"Get off!" I say scared but angry and no longer begging to him, I was determind to never give him any enjoyment from me. I knew I had to get him off of me or else he would most likey do something that I would never like.

Just as he started leaning closer to my unmarked neck I heard gunfire. I screamed as blood spattered on my face and his limp body fell on me.  

"GROSSS!!" I yelped as I saw his dead face,his eyes were still open.


"Here let me help you with that" a voice said

He pulled the cold, dead ,body off me and put it on a pile of branches then lit it up in flames with his black lighter.

"What was that?" I asked bewildered and scared

"A demon" the guy said

"What did you just say?" I asked confused

"I'll explain later" he said

"What's your name" I asked studying him. He was tall and had dark brown hair that spiked up and he wore torn dark blue jeans with a black plain T-shirt with a black leather jacket with army boots.




"Pretty name, Kathrine"


"And by the way, if someone you don't know pins you down and you can't get free scream" he advised, "It should be common sense"

"I did!!" I defended

"Louder" he said, "So someone can actullay hear you"

"whatever" I muttered

"You probably should come with me" he said seriously

"Now why should I do that" I questioned

"Incase they come back!" he said a little annoyed

"Why should I trust you" I said

"Because I just saved you from getting killed by a demon!!" he shouted

"Fine I'll go with you" I said in defeat, it was fun arguing with him, "Where are we going?"

"You'll find out " he said suspiously

"Ugh" I said as I got in the car.

"haha" he said playfully as he started the engine.

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