Chapter 18: Eliza and Angelica

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   Y/N's POV

   I knew that The Reynolds Pamphlet would destroy Eliza, so I was eagerly awaiting the day that she came back. In fact, I wanted to see her so bad that I constantly visited Alex's house to ask if Eliza had returned home yet.

   Every time I asked, she was still gone.

   But anyways, this one particular day, I had this weird sensation that was swirling around my stomach.

   My intuition was telling me that Eliza was back.

   I pretty much woke up with this feeling. I rolled over to see if Thomas was still asleep, but no one was next to me. I was happy he was awake. Because that way I could beg him to visit Eliza with me. I don't know why I wanted him there, maybe to just provide additional support to Eliza, or just because I wanted him by my side as I comforted her.

   (Or because the author needed to put Thomas in more parts of the story. XD)

   I sat up and stretched, groaning slightly. I ran a hand through my h/l, knotted hair and stood up, tiredness biting at my eyes.

   I hobbled down the stairs and saw Thomas quitely reading a book and enjoying a cup of coffee with his glasses on. I inwardly died at how cute he looked.

   He heard the noise and looked at me, a helpless spark in his eyes as a smile crossed his face. "Good morning, sunshine," he said, smirking slightly.

   I grumbled slightly. "Morning..," I said quietly, sitting next to Thomas with a smile. "What are you reading?" I asked, peering at his book. I was gonna ease my way into asking him to visit Eliza with me.

   "Eh...nothing..," he said, slamming his book shut as a light blush crossed his face.

   I raised an eyebrow and cocked my head to the side, smiling. "Thomas! Just tell me!"

   Thomas sighed, his blush getting darker. "...a cheesy romance novel..."

   I stared at Thomas for a moment and blinked a bit. After a bit, I squealed and hugged him tightly, forgetting the question I was about to ask him. "That's adorable!" I laughed, squeezing him.

   Thomas sighed. "Oh, hush, hon..."

   I let go and looked at him, adoration in my eyes. "So...I have a question..." Forget easing into things. That was gonna take too long.

   "Sure, shoot," Thomas said, looking at me with the smile that I loved.

   I bit my lip nervously. "SoIhaveagutfeelingthatEliza'sbackfromhertriptodayandIreallywannacomfortherandIalsowantyoutheresocanyoucomewithme?" I asked.

   Thomas blinked. "Okay...I think I heard about half of that...say it slower."

   I nodded, exhaling nervously. I really wanted him to go with me and rejection always made me feel awkward. "I think that Eliza's home from her trip today. And I really wanna visit her to comfort her, but u really want you with me. We haven't gotten to exist together that much lately. So...can you come with me to visit her and comfort her?"

   Thomas sighed. "Come on, Y/N. I have work to do."

   "Like what?" I asked, raising and eyebrow.

   Thomas was silent. "Fine!" he groaned.

   I smiled. "Thanks, honey!" I chirped, kissing him quickly and hopping upstairs to get ready.

   I saw him smiling and staring after me with a helpless look in his eyes.


   I came down in a f/c dress that had white lace along the bottom. I grabbed my hairbrush and brushed my hair, then brushed my teeth.

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