Chapter 18

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Machine Gun Kelly

Me and Weston are smoking outside the car, we stopped a little because I can't think straight.

The first club I built with my sweats and bloods was on fire last night, everything burned even my own men burned to death. I dont know what's worst ? Losing the workers whose has been loyal to me or losing the place ?

"stop thinking too much, we will build your club Again, boss" Weston said.

"Its not that, I know there is someone behind this! I can't wait to kill those men who dare to burn my club" I said as I throw my cigarette.

"Isn't it funny ?" Weston suddenly said after long silence between us.

"what ?" I asked totally lost to whatever weston says.

"I mean we've been friends for years and now you're telling me someone named Robin is the suspect based on few people you tortured looking for lenox"

I raised my eyebrows "go on"

"we both know the only Robin we knew is six foot deep in the ground. He's dead"

"It must be different Robin" I said.

"we used to be streetfighter and Ian always used that name Robin. Is it coincidence ?"

Thats true. Ian is Irene's brother. Ian saved me years ago when someone about to shot me, he died and that's the only reason why i took irene with me.

"so you're telling me he's alive ?" I asked feeling angry if he's really alive.

"I don't know kells, this is why we must find lenox because I have feeling lenox and robin might be in the same side"

"I feel the same, Weston. We will find them and kill them for the peace of the world" I said.

He nods then we continue smoking.


"you're back" selene said once I opens the bedroom door.

"yeah, why you dont sleep ?" I asked then sit beside her.

"how can I ? you're always out there and barely have sleep, kells.... is anything go on ? I need to know please don't keep me in the dark" Selene asked with worry in her voice and that's the last thing I want, I dont want her to be worry.

I grab her hand and kissed it. "Its nothing, my angel. You should be sleep" I said. I was about to go to the bathroom but she hold my hand.

"be honest with me, kells. please don't keep me in the dark, if you keep doing this I will- "

I cut her off by choking her neck, I know I am losing my cool around her like the last time.

"you fucking listen to me when I told you not to worry then you'll listen. don't think for a second you will always get what you want ! I am the leader here and I am in the control!" I said as I let go of her and go to the bathroom.

The second I look into bathroom's mirror I regret my decision by saying things like that but she is always get on my nerves.



When I finish the bath, selene is already sleeping on the bed and I can tell she's crying herself to sleep by tears on her cheek. I sighs. I might be too hard on her but I got many things on my mind.

I decided to not sleep, I bring some weeds and beers to fourth floor where I have football field. I don't play football but my men love it so I built this for them all to play.

I sat on the bench there and lit up some weeds. I've been stressing a lot these past days.

First of all lenox is the problem. I should have killed him that day I attacked his gang. But that time i need more men to do business. I am going to be the biggest gang leader in America but this lenox and robin thing can make other gangs think little of me.

"boss" Ace said once he sit beside me. I only nods and keep smoking. He took my beer and drink it.

"thanks" he said as he put it back on the table.

"Ace, do you have any lead on whoever burned the club ?" i asked.

"Not yet but i will, the cctv was on and now I have some men looking into it. we will find who set the fire in the devil's"

"good" i answer shortly.

"Are you okay, boss ?"

"I am good, its just selene keep asking questions and i hate that i am being rough with her" i said truthfully.

"she need to understand that you are not the same kells from two years ago. I see you've changed"

"She changed me. She left me when i needed her, sure i love her too much to let her go but i cant one hundred percent she won't leave me because i know she will, she will leave me"

"Fuck, kells dont say things like that. you have her now and thats more important"

I looked away and drink my beer. i hope that she will never leave me.


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